Tuesday, April 16, 2013

More birds, visitors and crochet jumper taking 2yrs to make lol.

Check out this special guy!!

I noticed a hint of bright red the other day when there was a lot of smoke around (back burning in the hills) and zoomed in with the camera.

Yes an australian_king_parrot , the male with the magnificent red head.

And the girl with mostly green and a little harder to snap.

I love how we seem to be getting a great variety of birds here this year ☺

The crochet jumper which I have been working on for almost 2yrs. Mostly due to I had got to the part of shaping and put it away to forget what hook, what size!!! Duh so had to pull it apart and start again.

It really is a lovely shade of purple but looks grey. May get a better picture once I have completed. It is the unseamly sweater from the Happy Hooker book. I had made a grey one which I love and now I can't find it!!!!! Not having a fun time I can tell you.......

Now to make me smile had my friend's come for a sleepover and they brought their cute little guy "Cooper".

There they are enjoying being outside with "Cooper" amongst my many wind chimes.
The man often repairs these wind chimes as I have had them for a long time and get blown about a lot here ☺

She loves a martini so we bought the vermouth to add to the gin and some Kalamatta olives, but apparently quite okay to use the green stuffed ones. Next time we will do that ☺

Feeling pretty happy in his warm jacket lol
What a cute little face! Very friendly and a quiet little doggy.
How are you all going? Nice to see some lovely comments here too.
Take care and visit again ♥


  1. When I lived in NY we were always so excited when a bright red cardinal would come visit our yard, but to have your parrots and cockatoos visit would be even more amazing, Wendy! I have wind chimes I love listening to, also. My husband [who died nearly 4 years ago] bought a lovely low toned one for me years ago and now it is a lovely reminder of him for me. My youngest son does some bar tending, so he could no doubt appreciate what you learned about olives in your drink :) Glad you had a good visit with friends and their adorable dog. I am impressed with your jumper [no matter how long it took you to make it]. I have never tried to make one....yet:) xx, Gracie

  2. Beautiful birds and your jumper is looking fab. Your friends coming for a sleepover made me smile. Sounds like you had lots of fun. xox

    1. It was a lot of fun and thankyou for visiting again ☺☺


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