Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pretend chickens and some crochet

Ah yes, chickens!! The man thought I might like these as no pets due to us going away so much and don't have to worry about feeding them lol.

And here is them last night, quite neat really and got them from a shop called the Reject shop of $20 so quite good with rechargeable battery as the hen has a solar panel so it can recharge again during the day☺

We have not had the rain like we would do have here so the ground is incredibly cracked and it is already autumn but little rain around. Wonder what winter will be like this year as we are normally squelching in the backyard most of the year lol

More birds and this was a huge flock of (Cacatua-sanguinea) Corella's who fly over a few times of the day currently but never stop in our trees and boy are they real loud lol

But the (Cacatua-galerita) Sulphur crested Cockatoo does visit often. There were about 5 and of course yesterday they decided to be in the highest part of the tree so mega zooming and trying to get a decent picture......not easy lol. 

They also are very loud with their screeching, but I love watching their crazy way of flying and when they put their yellow crest up as you will see in the link☺

Recently someone mentioned on their blog what do you do with all the ends from other projects. Well this lovely lady at laughingpurplegoldfish ties all the bits together then when you have enough make yourself a scarf (she has even done a lovely blanket). Notice at the top a few just knotted together?  This scarf has all the bits from my projects over the last 3+ years.

All bundled up but still going to make it longer and don't know if I will give this one away as I really love it ☺

And cause I am always doing lot's of projects (can't help myself lol) I made another pair of plain type fingerless mitts and even did the thumb part for extra warmth. These I may give to one of my boys. 

The left over bit from the mitts I used to make a granny square but that is all I have so may just continue with a plain colour to make it larger and maybe turn it into a cushion cover or something.
How are all your craft projects going? Getting out of control like mine?
Thank you for coming by and also for the lovely comments I have read ☺
I have now been blogging for a whole year and this is my 101st post and now have 27 followers, neat ♥☺ See you again soon xo


  1. I love those chickens! They're very funny but probably also quite useful? What a great idea. I can't believe you have wild cockatoos there, wow! My husband would love that. He's very much into birds. Your crochet projects are looking good!

    1. Thanks Jennifer and yes they are great. And lots of cockies here!! xoxo

  2. What a neat post, Wendy! I was reared on poultry farms and would love to have a little flock of chickens, but your flock is the type I should have, I'm certain :) My sister had an aviary with a few cockatiels and love birds and cockatoos but to see them out and about you...and in huge flocks no less, has to be amazing...even if noisy, too!!! The leftover scarf is so cool, and warm, and such a clever idea! Thanks for sharing. I love the colors of your latest projects as well. Oh, and happy anniversary for your blog :)


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