Monday, April 29, 2013

Checking out a small fifth wheeler and the grand tea swap

Hi there, got a nice snap of the full moon a few nights back. Got to love a full moon. Weather here has been real nice still, quite sunny actually and considering we are nearing the end of April it really should be getting quite cold.

We have been thinking of upgrading our Little Joey van for one with an en suite (helps for those 3am visits to the loo lol). The man and I had checked out fifth wheelers whilst we were up in Queensland last year (where most are made) but decided a bit too big for us as mostly 30ft!!!  Well recently we noticed this one which is roughly 22ft so a lot smaller although to most they still look big.

Rear door just like our little Joey and link to that exciting trip we had here With a slide out for more room in lounge/kitchen.

2 awnings and can go off road, not bush bashing but can handle dirt roads.

The man checking out the comfort of the bed lol.

Picture from bedroom back to front.

Slide out lounge area, where a table also can be put. 

Kitchen with convection micro/fridge. And behind the sink a television slides up.

Toilet door.

Shower and basin with mirror right in the bedroom area, so rather neat.
We have also found out there is another one we are keen to look at which is only 17ft and built for more off road winjana5thwheelers/strzelecki-520-offroad/, especially when travelling in the outback of Oz. So more investigation to go on.
And back to The Grand Tea Swap which the lovely Lucy over at inthesky1 started by getting some of us to send a selection of teas to those that were on our list. I have sent to her and another lovely lady, Gracie in America with some mittens and they were very happy.
Well I decided I would now share the love with a cousin who I have not seen for almost 2yrs and I know she will be surprised when this envelope arrives ☺☺ 

She does not have to enjoy the tea selection but I know she will love the mittens ☺♥
She does read my blog, so she may see this before they get there but that's okay.
I hope it brings a smile to her face.
And yes we are packing for the trip to NZ, but will probably post again before we leave.
Trip down to see mum and take her to a medical appointment, she is quite happy that I post about her on here lol.
How are things in your world?
take care my friends xo  ☺♥


  1. The camper looks great! I hope the other one is good too, but then it might be a hard choice. Whatever you get, have fun with it! I would love to have one someday.

  2. Isn't it amazing what can fit in the campers, Wendy, !?! I will be interested to see what you decide to get. And thank you again for introducing yourself to me through Lucy's GTS...such generous lovely gifts you sent! I want to get busy and send out more tea as well!
    Happy trip planning!

  3. Love the camper with all the mod cons! Maybe this is what we need to be looking at now so we can take Annie on holiday with us!
    Angie x


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