Friday, April 26, 2013

The crochet purple jumper saga continue's

Hello there, yes it is that time again when we get ready for going away again. This time to New Zealand, North Island bay-of-islands for 1 week, then auckland for the 2nd week. Don't leave just yet but have the cases ready for packing. Taking the man's daughter and youngest son, both in their 20's  for a holiday and to visit their Grandad too.

But for now I am still working on that purple crochet jumper which has taken 2yrs due to me not knowing what hook I used let alone what size I was making so frogged. Now up to this part with sleeve sewn in at IT'S TOO LONG!!!! And thought about undoing from the wrist but because it was worked wrist up, not so easy and well, don't want to wreck it so removed sleeve again.

As you can see here and no easy thing as I had joined it up real good and tight lol.

Here it is started again, just the sleeve of course and you can see the purple colour a bit better in this snap. Made with Bendigo Wool Mills Luxury, 8ply, purple storm, very soft so wish me luck with doing the 2 sleeves and then reattaching. I really hope I can just concentrate on it and not go off on other things as per my usual style lol.  

As for the grey jumper, this one, is still missing so if anyone out there has seen it, let me know.
Have searched in every cupboard, trunk, under beds, cars you name it and even checked at my mum's just in case but zilch!!  Oh well there are worse things that happen.
Have had a few family visitors but took no snaps which really was a shame cause we had lots of good laughs and a wee too many drinks lol.
May you all be going well out there in cyberland and take care and have a great weekend.
Will be back before we leave on our trip.
xoxo ☺☺  ♥


  1. Bravo for your perseverance, Wendy, on both working on the purple jumper and trying to find the gray one. Sometimes it feels like I spend half my life looking for the "safe" place I have put things :-) Have a Bon Voyage!

    1. Thanks Gracie and am now up to 2nd sleeve, hope to be finished before we go away ☺

  2. You've worked really hard on these, good job! I hope you have a great trip. :)


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