Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Time in the garden

Hello again ☺  Yes another visiting Cockatoo!! On the aerial of the house next door and with that great zoom, got a good close shot lol.

We are still enjoying the home grown tomatoes, a little late but still nicer than the ones in the shops.
Soon there will only be herbs as heading towards winter.

The lemon tree is doing really well and have used heaps of lemon's in my soda water.

Love my Rosemary and everyone who sees it is impressed, but they do say I need to cut it back. I will, I promise but not just yet lol.

The other side of the Rosemary is where the succulent plants thrive with mint, spearmint, sage and aloe vera very happy too.

Nothing better than a good day for hanging the washing. Is it just me, that gets a kick out of washing hanging on the line?? Yes simple things can make me happy lol

These are some jeans that I made by cutting around and old pair I had and loved as the pattern. I love these skull badges so when these jeans die (which is not far off as worn 100's of times) I will just put them on a new pair ☺

After enjoying being outside thought some low fat chicken snags and onion would be good for lunch. And yes could not resist throwing on a bit of Rosemary lol.  Yum.

Oh dear it seems I have neglected the front herb garden a bit........

And can barely see the strawberry patch and the blueberry bush!!

Even the Rhubarb is getting out of hand.

So to force myself to weed, took this snap so that I could put it here as a reminder of what I needed to get done. Being a nice cool day yesterday, thought I better just tackle it.
Can you see how huge my bay tree has become? That is the green bush behind another Lavender bush.

Look, can now see the strawberry patch, and the little blueberry bush ☺

The Rhubarb is looking a bit happier too. 

The corner herb garden now almost weed free. I have Oregano, Thyme, Parsley and Lavender happening here and will add others. Love my herbs.

Yes I will be back with the hedge trimmer to tackle this big lavender bush and a couple of others I have.  The weather is getting cooler now so I am enjoying that a lot. More a winter type of gal.
How is everything where you are?
Thankyou again for dropping in and the lovely comments xoxo ☺  ♥


  1. I love that cockatoo! How interesting that they live in the wild there, I would love to see them. Your tomatoes and lemons look great. I have lavender and rosemary here too; I am so excited for them to begin flowering soon. I love the way they smell, especially after a rain.

    1. I am very lucky to see them and yes after rain is wonderful xo

  2. I have a lavender plant, too, but mine is just getting ready to bloom again and is a fourth the size of yours, Wendy :-) Our camelia bush just has one bloom on it after blooming profusely. My oldest daughter just trimmed and shaped the bush and I have some geraniums to transplant and weeding to do and lots of seeds I want to plant!
    Your cockatoo is so pretty! [We don't have a clothesline at this house but I have fond memories of drying the clothes outside... they smell so good !]

    1. I also love camilia bushes, grew up with a lovely red one ☺ thanks for dropping in again Gracie.

      wendy xo


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