Thursday, May 16, 2013

Auckland Zoo, Rainbows end, sightseeing and the end of holiday.

Hello again, coming to the end of our holiday and this post is going to be rather photo heavy but without too many words, just looking at what we have seen in the last few days.
Wonderful Tiger at the auckland zoo and just had to get a zoomed shot.

Spider monkeys  

The 2 Kea's had this wonderful waterfall in their area ☺

And this funny Duck had the below area for just a few ducks, amazing.

I think the Hippo was lining the seagull up lol 

Serval very cute.  

Yep Roosters and chickens at the zoo lol.  
Fairy penguins, the poor little one on the ramp did not have a left flipper.  

She is 57 years old and the last of the tea party chimps

Just a few lizards

I think this one was smiling, at least my camera said "smile detected" lol  

Cute Meerkat

Family of Baboon's.  
No lions today, just the lioness's facing the other way lol  

Not a nice shot of the Giraffe but amazing seeing it drinking.  

The little kids get to have fun in this dragon. 

Guinea pigs, I know my youngest son and his fiance will like this picture ☺
So many animals to see and have not show you ALL of them but had a great time then we headed off to .... 
Mount_Eden where we enjoyed the views and this crater.

It was a beautiful day and even got a zoomed picture of the Auckland War Memorial which we visited a few days before. 
Ah yes I love seeing planes flying ☺

Zoomed in on One tree Hill which was going to be our next destination for views.

Harbour bridge 
Over to One_Tree_Hill which is a special memorial place for Māori and New Zealanders.
Yes lots of sheep up here and did see plenty of cattle keeping the grass down at Mt Wellington. 
Before the obelisk stands a bronze statue of a Māori warrior
Small rocks have been placed to show many different pictures.
Sheep with a beautiful view lol.
Next day we were up early to head to rainbows end the only theme park in new zealand.

Getting ready for some riding fun ☺☺ 
I did this one 18 times!!  A few bruises but thats okay lol

Going on Power Surge which me and the man did not....... 
You can see the boy and girl at the front there.
You can just see him waving lol  
Dodgems are more the mans cup of tea ☺ 
Heading on to the Free fall, not I that's for sure lol  
There they go up. 
About to be dropped and apparently the mum on the end screamed the whole way day and her little girl loved it. 
Another one I did not do but, have been on it before and not real keen so happy to take a snap, the 3 of them are up on the left hand corner.  

He headed on again later in the day, while I enjoyed the rollercoaster. 
Both of them enjoying the dodgems.
Lots of fun and plenty of rides for us all.
The girl and now jumped out of a plane, yesterday bungy jumped of the side of a building and right now her and the boy are walking around the edge of that building sky tower skywalk 192 metres up. Not for us lol.
Hope you have enjoyed coming on this holiday and when I get back will catch up with all the blogs I have missed and certainly that wonderful family of mine and many friends.
Take care and may you have fun in your lives xoxo ☺☺


  1. Great photos! I really want to go back there soon. I'm glad you've had such a nice trip. :)

  2. WOW!!! Wendy, thanks for the great post!!! You saw such an amazing variety of locations and creatures...and you rode on a roller coaster 18 times!!! WOW!!!


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