Sunday, May 12, 2013

Enjoying new zealand and a Steam Train, toot toot.

Hello again and thanks for dropping by.  I have loved all the comments, but have been unable to respond due to less Internet, but I will once I get back home.
Hit the road for Auckland on Friday went via the Hokianga Ferry to do a good tourist drive along the  West coast. Was cool and only raining a little ☺

Cars coming off as we waited.

What did I say about only raining a little lol.  The sky opened up once we were across and we figure every time we use the work "walk" it starts to rain/pour lol.

Thought we would call in at a Kauri cafe visitor centre but no....... the trees and bushes were across the road. Luckily this was just a short trip off the road we needed to get back on.

We arrived at our accommodation out of Auckland and next day was a good sunny day. We went up Mount_Wellington and enjoyed the views of the harbours.

Beautiful sunshine for us.

There they go up and around to the top.  

More great views of the other side.
Also sky tower which Missy is planning to walk around the top part and then jump off. Brave girl she is for sure.

Good to know the old volcano IS extinct ☺

Headed then up around the New Zealand war memorial.

Headland of Devonport 
That night we picked up the man's Dad who is in the background and went out for tea where we were meeting some good friends also.  Missy looking pretty with the boy hiding behind her back.

She enjoyed her chocolate cake

And a little port although a tad bit sweet. ☺ 

And yes today I went chasing a STEAM TRAIN. mainlinesteam had a trip organised for Mother's day so of course I got the man to come on a fun trip.  

The beautiful engine whizzing by. I got a great bit of videoing whilst we drove to the town of Helensville. Then a few good snaps with the camera.

Mainline steam and lots of happy steam train lovers ☺

Beautiful engine ☺

She was called Jessica and very large engine she was and I of course had a wonderful time.
Happy Mother's day to all the mum's out there whether you have kids, pets or just a loving person.
Take care and hope to check in again.
xoxoxo ☺ ♥


  1. What a great trip. I've been to some of those same places. In Auckland, we saw an enormous volcanic crater that was full of grazing cows! I hope you got to see that too, it was really surprising. :)

  2. Lovely photos Wendy - nice to see you having such fun in NZ :)


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