Thursday, May 9, 2013

End of Bay of Islands Paihia

Nothing better than a herbal cup of tea before heading out to be a tourist. These are neat Lemon Ginger tea bags with cute labels. Already had one which said Tea me up Scotty lol.

Went to Waitangi so the youngsters could do the full cultural experience which we had done before, so we wandered around the grounds.

Waka boat which holds 82 so rather impressive.

Interesting carvings lol

Where the Waka gets launched every year.

Flagpole marks where the Treaty was signed. Treaty_of_Waitangi

Meeting house.

Inside Busby's house. The British resident living there with his family.

Back home to where we are staying. Club Paihia link

Balcony outside our bedroom.

View from balcony to RSA (same as RSL in oz) where we had a great meal and a little red wine ☺

Next day we headed up to this walk, called St Pauls cathedral. The boy was supposed to be scuba diving, but was unable and Missy was going skydiving but the weather was not good so also cancelled. We had to go pick up the boy so did this walk.  I only went halfway and came back to take snaps instead of snapping my knees lol.

Here they are coming back

The man got a little bit hot lol.

In the afternoon they decided to go on the fast boat through the hole in the rock.
The boat

Heading down the ramp.

Was only them which is not normally allowed so very lucky them.

Off the go and they had a lot of fun.
Next morning decided to go to Russell and Missy got to go skydiving which she has the pic's of at 19,000 feet, very brave girl.  Russell

Off on the Ferry away from Paihia.

An island me and Missy thought about swimming to but very rocky edges lol.

Coming close to Russell.

Headed up a very steep road to Flagstaff hill.

Well worth the climb for the view down to Russell.

View of Piahia

Morton Bay fig tree planted in 1800's

Pompaliar house where they printed bibles in Maori

Cute garden shed with a path up to another viewing spot. My legs  and knees have had quite a workout lol.

Printing press.

View from the path we climbed.

A bit of a beach walk before heading back to Piahia 

Not much in the way of sand but lots of pebbles instead.
We now head off for Auckland tomorrow for a week there so thank you again for visiting and also comments left. Little Internet usage but at least able to post a few times.
take care xoxo


  1. Awww Mum what a Fun time you are all having!!! God i love how colorful your words are, you make me laugh lots! I am so doing nz one day, looks so beautiful! Love you all and miss you lots, will be lovely catching up on all on the 18th! Me chilling with Nannyo tomorrow, i finish work early so can get to her by 3 for once! Xoxoxoxo

  2. I am enjoying your adventure, Wendy :-) The history of the area you are visiting is interesting. I'm glad Missy enjoyed skydiving...One of my sons told me he went once and loved it...I was glad I didn't know he's gone until he was safely back! Thanks for posting!


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