Sunday, May 5, 2013

Having fun in New Zealand Bay of Islands

Yes flying high over Melbourne at night towards New Zealand, yay us.

Here is the van we hired as not just the two of us, but a pair of family members with us also ☺
The accommodation we stayed at for 1 night when we flew in at midnight and rather fun as was Missy's first ever flight and her and brother also celebrating their birthdays on 2nd and 3rd, lots of fun ☺

Next day after catching up with the man's dad we headed towards Bay of Islands, no link added as while away the Internet can be a little xxxx in money lol.  Went through this new tunnel for us.
There are the happy passenger's lol, poor little man was not really very well, so we got him some cold medication and Missy just did not want to show her face lol.
The Harbour bridge but in Auckland New Zealand, not Sydney Australia ☺ 
We arrived at bay of islands and was very wet and a little cold but we expected that so okay. Next day on the Saturday went on the steam train at Kawakawa and well worth the look, ride. And of course you all know I am steam train mad anyway lol

Missy decided to just hang around the town so we took a snap of her instead as we were leaving ☺
100 years old and getting better with longer tracks being repaired/replaced for future rides to the ferry.  
The carriage where the station lady gave us a real good history talk whilst travelling the 25 min ride.

There is Gabriel the steam engine, smaller than what I love but still steam and I like ☺
Coming back to hook up for the return in reverse ☺
Am I a little happy? Oh yes lol and hope you all don't mind.......
Hooked up ready for the ride back

Carriages waiting for the return 
Was told to put my camera on the track to show the bridge across which is not accesible currently but not a great shot lol

This is a better shot ☺

The steam train ready to tow us back to Kawakawa.

Just over the road and lush fields.
Oh look father and son interested in the train lol

On the way back and loving it.

Beautiful green lands ☺

Some toilet art lol

The famous /hundertwasser toilets lol  and yes the steam train goes up the main road, they own it lol

Ooooh does this look like trouble???
Well Missy was very safe and the geese were happy ☺ 

Nice Goose.

And the Pukekoe which I love seeing and in Oz the common water hen but I think they deserve to be called Pukekoe....

How is that a rooster  and a seagull all hanging around Kerri Kerri stone house lol

Missy on a walk and a rooster just chilling and pecking on the carpark lol
Stonestore at KerriKerri.
Hururu Falls a lovely place to check out the Waitangi river

The boy getting a good shot of the falls ☺

There is the happy group, father, son and daughter lol I am a ring in but love hanging/spending time with them all ☺

More Roosters/chickens, there are lots dumped so they just hand around car parks.

Lol just a funny snap in the town of Paihia

LOL not a geat shot but I know she will love it lol
LOL the brother in the mouth of Shark....

Nice view across the road to the sea and islands.

Zoom into Russel where we intend to visit via ferry.

Oh the resident cat is still here, we saw this one about 3yrs ago and I am very happy to bring him/her indoors lol

Then Missy and her brother went to Nghwha Springs for a test of thermal pools. We have done this before so just them and me snapping lol.

Ok so last snap and goodness knows how much this costs/uses on our internett device so maybe the last time I post till home but hello to you all and my your lives be going very happily and healthy.
Take care. xoxoxo ☺☺


  1. It looks like everyone's having a (mostly) good time! I'm so glad you're enjoying yourselves. My husband's parents live in New Zealand and I have only been there once; they're on the North Island but closer to Wellington than Auckland. I spent a day in Auckland and really enjoyed it. The train looks like a lot fun. Enjoy the rest of your trip. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your trip: interesting sights, creatures and activities, Wendy. Did I tell you my husband was an engineer at Train Town in Sonoma, CA for a few years. He would have enjoyed talking with you about your interest in trains.
    Blessings to you and yours,


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