Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Where does the time go...... lol

Good grief where does the time go....... Been almost 2 weeks since last post. We hello anyway ☺
Been doing lots of catchup with family and not snapping pics as well, I forgot lol

Been doing a little crochet, a few squares

And sending these squares with some tea across the ocean for a good cause ☺

Oh look there is my mum relaxing with one of my sisters lol Hope they don't mind lol.
Had not seen Mum in a month so she seemed pretty happy to see me and to look at some of the pictures from our fun holiday in qld.

Something new I have started to knit, let's hope I complete it as I think little Riley may like this.
He and his sister are coming to stay the following weekend for 3 nights. I do hope he likes me as it has been a long time since we saw each other and he is almost 8 months old and at that age can be a bit picky about who they hang out with lol.
Just a short post...... Hope you are all keeping well out there as there has been some nasty bugs going around.
take care xoxoxo


  1. Bravo, on your knitting efforts, Wendy! I have fun with both crochet and knit projects and hope you will, too. I enjoyed seeing photos of your pretty squares and your mom and sister and hope that your child tending adventures this weekend are happy :-)

  2. Nice to see a new post, Wendy. I think your knitting is coming along great.

  3. I bet he'll just love that Fuzzy bear and of course he will love you too!
    Angie x


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