Friday, June 28, 2013

End of holiday a bit of crochet and now back home ☺

Gosh 10 days since I last posted.....but lack of Internet and time of course.
Left the Gold Coast to start our trek home wards with a drop by to see one of my boys along the way.
First stop was here where the weather was pretty nice and not a beach you would be swimming in with all these warnings lol.

Pretty though and nice to have a walk along the beach, although the tide was coming in rapidly with a high tide expected.

Plenty of erosion here just like the Gold Coast.

Almost got my feet wet lol

Another spot not for swimming, certainly not with sharks and stinging marine creatures lol.

Beautiful full moon over the sea.

A bit of healthy salad and a glass of red in the van.
The next day we drove to Tuncurry for a night, no pictures taken as the weather had changed and was very wet. Stopped here as had heard Sydney (near where my boy lives) was expecting horrendous storms that night. Got to walk to the local services club with our umbrella for a good meal though.
Next day here he is, my oldest boy and spent the day just around the shopping centre and pubs while we chatted and chatted lol  The man did a lot of listening ☺

There is that rain again. Seems when we visit anyone we bring the rain lol.

A nice lunch of salt and pepper calamari whick I could not finish lol

The water was really flowing down in the Parramatta river. Rex said he had not seen it like this in all the years he has lived here. We had a wonderful day and is always sad to say goodbye, but at least we can visit and he does fly down when he can too.

On the road and oh my was the rain pelting down for most of our 6hr drive that day.....

Wild seas were happening out there.

We arrived in Tathra where the sun was shining and a very quiet van site right near the amenities. 
Highly recommend staying here as was close to small shops, bowls club (which I had the best surf and turf I have ever had) and the beach also across the road. 
Following morning wanted to stay another night but we needed to get home so will have to come back and do a little stay and investigate this area. Had ourselves a bit of a final walk on sand.

It really is a great spot and love as you know taking pictures of the sea.

Had to jump across this little stream for part of our walk, bigger than it looks in the photo.

A cute sea serpent at the kiddies playground, I know my grand kids would like this ☺
We are now back at home and have unpacked van and car. Four loads of washing later most still out on the line as it is quite cold today. Oh well, had a wonderful time and amazingly enough I did a lot of crochet......

Obviously I am quite productive while in the car. Lots of washers/dishcloths made and also a hat and mittens for little Misty.
Thank you again for dropping in and glad you like the visit here.
take care xoxo ♥

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  1. So glad you had good safe travels, Wendy! The rain looked looked fierce!! Since I started blogging I have noticed that I often get so involved in life around me that I forget to take pictures, too. But I enjoyed viewing the photos you did take and am glad that you have had good visits with family and friends. I enjoyed seeing some of your latest stitching projects as well! You inspire me to get busy :-)


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