Tuesday, June 18, 2013

More fun at theme parks, Great weather and now wonderful views from Skypoint

Hello there again, still away and having a wonderful time. The weather has been a lot better with lots of sun. We took to the road to check out the fifth wheeler we were interested in, this one at Towoomba for info on the town. This is some of the road works happening now they are widening the road which is quite steep and has had a lot of flood/rain damage too.

Wonderful views though.

On the road back and the day could not have been better and we were very happy after seeing the fifth wheeler.

Headed over to Southport near seaworld for a bit of a bbq lunch. The cup/stubby holder was made by another blogger who lives in usa and she sent me this one and some lovely tea. See Gracie I use it and love it ☺ Some good old pickled onions and bread with a nice apple cider.

The man also likes using the one sent for him too. 

A Pied butcher bird dropped in to get a bit of a snag (sausage) 

2 of them so had to share a bit around, cute birds but can be quite aggressive swooping and can steal other birds babies......

Here is the beach just near where we BBQ, where the sand is dropping away and of course so are the trees. Many of the beaches on the Gold coast are having more sand brought to try to stop/help the erosion.

Beautiful day, beautiful sea 
Had a walk along the Spit

View of Surfers Paradise from the Spit.

Love the sea, never get tired of just looking at waves and rocks ☺

Following morning headed to Seaworld again and they have added a little more to the new ride that is coming in September storm coaster and also any other rides you want to check out.

I rode this ride 12 times just to wake up lol. Viper at seaworld.
The man also rode Viper with me and also this Jet Rescue, he is in the front crazy guy lol

Off to have a bit of lunch and thought why not go back to Sky point and get a better view than the other day when it was pouring with rain ☺

Even a couple of whales turned up, so was great to see. 

Much better view than my last post lol.

Up those stairs for those keen enough to do a walk around up to the top, no thanks lol.

Plenty of surfers out there too. We sure are loving getting around and dropping into the theme parks, visiting friends and well, just having a good time together.

Today I think sanity left us as we rode this!!!! BUZZ SAW if interested in details of ride and I doubt I will ever ever again lol.   

Quite a tense ride lol and believe me I SCREAMED lol.

Then we rode Tower of Terror 2 where you go up backwards and come down forwards, much nicer ride than that buzz saw lol

See we are very happy in the front, the man even holds his arms up lol.

A nice kiddy rollercoaster here and very relaxing.
Road that Pandamonium again and really love it look here for details

One of the staff took a pic of us together with the Madagascar crew lol
Well hope you have again reading the fun we are having and love to you all out there.
A bit more fun to be had, lunch with a very long time friend, catch up with my oldest sister again and then head on back going via where my oldest boy lives for a bit of a mumma/son catchup.
take care out there and back again soon xoxo


  1. Oh my goodness, you have been having fun!

  2. Well, I hope you screamed, Wendy :-) at least it helped me survive the terror I felt on the Disney Space Mountain ride...oh my! Thanks for posting :-)


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