Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wonderful weather and a little themepark fun lol

Hello again, still up in sunny qld......... Surfers Paradise beach where no one was swimming the other day due to high sea and lots of winds.

No swimming flags and plenty of sand has been blow up causing quite a deep decent down. Not that we tried as we just came for a little look before going to call in at some friends who run Uncles great burgers and more in Worongary qld not far from movieworld and dreamworld.
They had a market running which was very busy with all the usual home candles, herbs, jewellery, clothing etc, nothing bought by us though.

After calling in at UNCLES and enjoying a very yummy burger, we went around to our friends place who live on acres and got a picture of this visiting cane toad.....not popular in any ones yard.

Following morning thought we would try our luck at calling in at Seaworld even though it was already raining. Did not ride on anything but noticed some new roller coaster tracking being installed. They are getting a new ride in September called STORM. And apparently you ride the tracks in a boat like roller through all sorts of fun things ...... can't wait.

But the weather turned and when we were heading back to van this is what Wet n Wild looked like and.......

Movieworld which is next to that park and a bit up and over the road from our van park, so home to the van we went.

No bike riding today that is sure lol.

But a little crochet is always a good filler of time with a wee nip or 2 of rum lol.

The next day was good weather and did a few errands for a friend then dropped in at Dreamworld for a quick few hours of rides.  This is Kung Fu panda a new ride which we did not go on, rather fast and goes upside down with a sideways spin......

The obliging man with his friend's lol xoxo

Went over to check the tigers and they had just finished there performance for the morning, but still lovely to see them. They breed quite a few here ☺

In the line for the Cyclone which does a high climb then a few drops/twists and upside down turns lol I love this one

Last time we were here I said I would never ride this again but as it is only me and the man and none of our kids with us, I joined him and was very happy my hair covered my face for most of it so could not see just how open and high it was as we turned around and around on the dish lol
Someone elses clip on youtube if interested youtube shock wave

Later we visited our friends again with the plan for going out for tea and the man was helping with a bit of man type stuff while there. So I enjoyed the 14 kangaroos that hop and graze through their property, lovely

And the visiting Cockatoo's and Parrots. Headed off out for tea at nearby pub for a great meal.
Next morning at movieworld the only way to get your heart started in the morning. Managed 3 times before the sky opened up lol

The man being cheeky poking his tongue lol ☺

Yes that is the rain outside makeshift bank at Movieworld.
They do have a large undercover area where they can put on performances during weather extremes. It also started thundering with a bit of lightning so we decided to do something else.

Yes a little trip to Surfers to do a bit of walking for exercise in the shopping centre out of the rain and this is what the road was like.....amazing eh lol

Just a small sculpture of an elf on a crab with the fountain no longer working, cute though.

As our unlimited yearly passes have also included visit to skypoint and we had never done this in all the years we have been coming up here, we thought why not it is indoors and we did realise visibility would not be great but.......neat anywayl

Apparently you can climb stairs with harness attached outside and go to the top for a bit of a view, no thanks and at least not today as way to dangerous.

Yes a limited view on the other side.
We are now back in the van enjoying the warm humid temp of 22 and out of the rain.
How is your week going? And thankyou again for dropping by.
take care xoxoxo ☺☺


  1. It looks like you're having a wonderful time, in spite of the weather. Haha, a nip and crocheting, sounds good to me. :)

    1. Always lovely to see you visit Jennifer and love visiting yours : )


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