Saturday, June 8, 2013

More vanning fun in qld and a little crochet too

Hello again, we arrived Sunday at our next destination where I would be catching up with my lovely niece,daughter to my oldest sister. Just a bit above Noosa Heads and again we got to be near the toilets/showers.

Sunny and quite warm for us at 23, I have a lovely tall shadow lol.
We then were invited over for tea and had a lovely time catching up with her and her partner.
Took a drive after dropping in on niece and her partner for coffee to Tin Can Bay and enjoyed a nice burger from the local fish n chip shop.

Beautiful weather and nice view where we sat.

We then drove to have a look at Rainbows Beach, also beautiful.

Even the man was happy here lol
We then took a bit of a walk to check out these sand dunes, lovely walk and wonderful views too ☺

Looking towards Tin Can Bay.

Noticed this sign last time we were up around Tin Can Bay "WILD HORSES"

Little sunny was very happy to be out and about in such wonderful weather.

Oh yes, wild horses and kangaroos lol

Where the wild horses live, but alas we saw none.

On another day we headed to Caloundra link for more info as it is a place my Mum used to love to come to with my Dad so many years ago. So I took pictures just to be able to show her. Even sent one via mobile to my sister who is down there visiting to show Mum.

View towards where the swimming is done, although only surfers on their boards this day.

On our way back decided to go to Mooloolaba and the man indulged my craziness by posing for this picture lol
All of these pictures were taken with my mobile phone camera and actually came out much better than my Fuji zoom camera!! underwaterworld


Well hello there......

This Turtle looked stuck but was not, just happy sitting on top of the glass tunnel we walked through lol.


Happy swimming Crocodile

Hermit type crab.

Fast moving octopus.



Brown snake......glad it was behind glass......

Again he indulged me and climbed under (where little kids love) to be amongst the fish lol

Borumba Dam also as we drove around the lovely Mary Valley.

Great looking pub in Imbil where last time there was a steam train running, currently not due to needing to get sleepers replaced and new or better rails. But I have heard it will be back. It is the one of me with the steam train up the top on the right ☺

Mapleton Falls now.

Mapleton falls many decades ago, amazing how they just stood around on the edge in the long skirts way back then lol

A view from Montville township down into the valley below, sea in the background.

Waiting to head on the road where lots of rain has been.

Many floods, heavy rain have been in qld and the road was really only half there due to a huge, rock/mud slide.......

The big pineapple as we zoomed past in the car.
Said our goodbyes the night before to my niece who had a lovely time being tourist the day before and headed towards the Gold Coast, where the theme parks are and we had a caravan/camp show we wanted to attend to check out a SMALL fifth wheeler.

Of course I had to snap this picture of a plane flying out of Brisbane Qld.

Our next place near the theme parks on the Gold Coast but a bit of a drive to the sea, but thats okay as we are here for many other things. Look we even have an ensuite with water tank.

Gosh this is way better than what we have at home lol
We brought our fold up bikes and we have actually already had a good ride on them so that is great for helping our fitness ☺

A visiting duck at the van

Made these crochet mittens for my niece and she loved them ☺☺
These little ones I have made for little Misty for when we return and.....
This hat which I have added a nice shell stitch around the bottom, must take a picture.

And as a finisher, look at this adorable pair, little Misty and her baby brother Riley, how cute and happy.  He has grown so much.
May you all still enjoy visiting here and being on the trip with us again.
xoxoxo to you all.

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  1. It looks you had a lot of fun on your trip! I love to visit aquariums. Your husband made me laugh, he's a very good sport. The crocheting is looking terrific, you're doing a great job.


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