Monday, June 3, 2013

The first few days of roadtrip with the Van

Off again and this time with the van to do a trip through Victoria, New South Wales and up to Queensland. Raining as we left home but that is nothing unusual lol. Little Sunny was happy to be heading off on this trip (little flower on dash).

A bit of crochet along the way to occupy my mind, whilst the man drove, which he is quite happy about.

First stop was Gundagai  visitgundagai for the night. This is the Top Tourist van park and has undercover sites with en suites attached too. We did not use the en suite as happy to walk the short distance to the general facilities.

Just a stone throw away, so easy and cheaper ☺
And we were right in town so able to walk to the services club for tea, yay no cooking lol.

Relaxing in the van that night with my owl jammies and good old blundstone footwear for walking in the wet grounds lol.

We discovered the mattress and part of our foam underlay was damp. Possibly from when the van was cleaned prior to leaving and may have leaked through air con so put the little heater to use to dry it out, all good now and no sign of what actually caused it but had travelled through a lot of rain too...... Next morning got on the road again and this time was going to meetup with......
My oldest sister for a coffee in Young , her and hubby were also on the road heading down to Victoria to catch up with family.

And yes this is her hubby my lovely brother in-law ☺  Had a nice coffee and a good old catchup. Hoping to meetup again when we are still in their state of Queensland once they come back home.
Last snap together before us all heading in opposite directions. The day was lovely too, no rain, but they were heading into it..... 
Just a few sheep strolling along the road lol.
We did see a couple of emu's too but they were too quick for me to get a picture.
After, more road trekking we arrived at Gilgandra link with this lovely spot, with facilities again very close. Lovely and warm too, so t-shirt wearing for sure. Back home jumpers were what is needed now.

What a quaint name for a van site ☺
The other bonus was we were able to walk into the little town.
And yes able to walk to the local RSLA for tea, with a nice view of fountain ☺
On the walk back to the van saw this little frog, not a great picture as my phone camera but at least can see its glowing eyes.
Next morning as we were driving off noticed the plaque and details of the Coo-ee March, feel free to read more here cooee-march

Certainly inspirational.
Got to see plenty of wild growing sunflowers ☺☺  I do love sunflowers.
A bit more crochet, this time "the skull shawl" but not entirely happy with my choice of wool. So may not continue till back home.

Stopped to have some nice healthy sandwiches (made by me) in Moree

Arrived at our next spot, this time Dalby Queensland and another bonus, near town and walking to a few places for tea, yay again lol. This time though found the rsl and closest pub a bit dearer, so walked a bit further to find great meal, service and prices at " Dalby Country club", just a pub but fantastic, highly recommend.

Here are our travelling companions....Miss Hap who looks a little frazzled from the rough riding in the van and my jack skellington cushion.  A little different but I love them ☺

The van which is small but great. We are going to be looking at a small fifth wheeler while in qld at the caravan and camping show in brisbane in another week.

Plenty of flat country in this spot wit lots of mountains around although not in the picture.
Getting closer to our final destination for a few days.

Just had to stop and pick up a few nuts. We are eating very healthy these days and know a handfull of nuts is ok.

Yum, and the man does not eat Wasabi so they are all mine mine mine lol.

Don't know what this bird is, but were a lot of them in the nut park so took a snap. Perhaps once home I may be able to look it up in my bird book.  Feel free to let me know if you know what it is...... Well hope you are all happy and well out there and thankyou again for travelling with us. Going to be few posts but with lots of travels over the month.
take care and bye for now xoxo

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