Monday, May 27, 2013

The Grand Tea Swap and Lucky Me ☺

How exciting I got this bit of mail from the great USA.
Being part of the grand tea swap I was very happy to see this as I knew who it was from.

And look what Gracie from grayseasailor sent me. 2 crocheted drink holders and they are soooo soft and she even made one so my man can enjoy too, very lovely of her. And some tea!!

I love Rhubarb and enjoy oolong tea too so this is a grand mix and enjoying a cup right now. Isn'e the little tea pot trinket cute. I think I may wear that as an earring as I do like to wear different things on my ears lol. THANKYOU Gracie and thanks to Lucy inthesky1 for starting this ♥
I have enjoyed sending a few now and this is lovely to receive this one.
May you all be having a good day out there.
A few more days then off with the van ☺


  1. Rhubarb tea..that sounds divine! Loved the "then and now" photos of the kids from from the earlier post. Made me smile.

    1. The rhubarb oolong tea is delish, enjoying a cup right now. Glad you liked my kids pic's always fun looking back ☺

  2. That's really nice! I've never had rhubarb tea, I can't wait to hear how it was.

    1. It is yum Jennifer, sweetish but not really if that makes sense, just a lovely mild tea.


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