Friday, August 23, 2013

Crochet, cooking, new glasses and car

Hi there, this week, well actually last weekend thought I would have a go at making something I had never made before. Must have been in a cooking mood lol.

Some Dim Sum and these were real easy, fiddly, but easy. Usual won ton wrappers and some lean chicken mince, some spring onions, coriander, soy sauce, ginger and rice wine vinegar. Now have some still in the freezer already cooked just need to be reheated.....YUM.
On a bit of a roll with my crochet lately and thought perhaps I should start making things for upcoming birthdays and should I even mention it Xmas!! So knocked up this hat with some green wool I had (looks grey here) and made.....
This beany and think I will give it to my bro-in law Kelvyn cause I think he will like it ☺ His birthday is at the end of this month. The pattern reversible-strands-for-men-and-women-too on ravelry, free if you want to join ☺

This is more like the real colour green. Me with my new glasses which I like, but not so much the face lol ......... 

I also made this little pin cushion from pattern crocheted-pin-cushion-pattern---english-version also on Ravelry

Something quite easy and any sewer would find handy.

A new car, this is the one that is going to tow that 5th wheeler when we pick it up late October. It is an Isuzu dmax space cab, might as well call it a truck as quite a bit longer than my Nissan Patrol 4wd.
Really on 2 seats for us, but there are 2 small seats behind but would not want to sit for too long.
How has you week been? Hope your keeping warm as it has been bloody freezing this week here ☺
See you soon xoxo


  1. You've had a lot going on! Your wontons look great. I tried making them once and mine were a mess. I should give it another try. Nice new truck! It looks very modern, almost space-like! Your new glasses look great on you. :)


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