Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fun visiting one of my boys ☺

Off on a quick trip to visit my oldest boy and the weather was wonderful. Little sunny was happy in the new car too lol  
The usual countryside views for hours ☺

One of the many log trucks as the sun was getting ready to go down, so time to stop for night.
We normally drive in the one day but left just after lunch so needed to stay somewhere. 

Neat, we got ourselves a room in this old pub in the town of Cooma

Our bed with lights, but that is it.

Bathroom down around the corner and very nice too.

Had ourselves a very nice Thai meal at this restaurant with a red labeled just for them.

Following morning on the road again, oh look I have on one of my Alice Cooper t-shirts ☺

Another beautiful day along the Monaro highway.

Lots of cattle in the distance and snow on the mountains beyond but a bit hard to see with the white clouds lol

Filling up the car with barely 5litres spare.......... 

Another on the road shot, this car is a ute type and going to tow our new rv late october.

We arrived at Parramatta and after settling in usual motel, walked on down into town to grab a bit of lunch. This is the town hall.

One of the many sculptures/fountains.

Alway busy in the street in Parra (as my boy and I call it lol)

On look, sunny here instead of the usual rain that we tend to bring with us ☺

The river which was not overflowing this time and the usual couple of ducks.

Our room with a view from the motel, right near a major shopping centre and the trains/buses.

Oh how sweet the man is having a little nap whilst we wait for the arrival..........

This boy!! Looking good but a little hot as quite a warm day and he had walked over to visit us before we headed out for a good meal.

Next day we decided to take a little car trip and do the tourist thing. Our new car just has 2 little seats in the back with belts of course. Also brought along a pillow for his back as not really a back rest but he said it was comfy enough ☺

We drove to the Blue Mountains link if interested aptly named because the gum trees give off a blue haze, very pretty. Although there had been some burning so also from a little bit of smoke this day.

Wentworth falls, can just see the people standing at the top.

Enjoying the view ☺ 

Me and my boy with a cable car in the background.

Another waterfall

Next step is a doozy lol

Just so you can see all three of us lol  

Did I mention steps!!! Lots of them 

See they have left this old one behind lol, my knees are not what they used to be so don't exactly run up stairs anymore ☺

The back of the new car ☺

Here we are on the what is called Skyway. The attendant kindly took this picture and the 3 little rocky bumps in the background are called "the three sisters"
Here is a link to scenicworld where we spent quite a few hours having fun.

The man got this picture of us, see us looking a bit apprehensive lol

He of course stood on the glass bottom section to get pictures of the trees way below us and a waterfall.

See there is Skyway just slowly going along cables, magnificent views for sure and well worth it.

Now this one is the cable car called Cableway and let me tell you it goes quick and straight down below. 
Up top before we got on and you can see it just coming over the top back to collect us.
Looking back up as we descended down. 

Went on a short walk to enjoy the magnificent trees and mountains.

One of the many mines.

A currawong or as some call them Jay.

Having fun on the statue lol

The man in what used to be scenic railway down the cliff!!

There is the new track coming straight down over the edge.

And yes this is me not happy on the trip back up, backwards looking straight down lol  

I did go on again, this time forward looking straight down and with my knees fixed against the support felt a lot safer lol

When we arrive we noticed this bit of track going around the entire Scenic world and felt i just looked like a rollercoaster track.

Here is more of the track and after some googling on the way home my boy discovered this interesting bit of information on the rollercoaster  which started being built in 1984 and apparently the first Australian designed but never opened. More info here but pictures have been disabled

On our way back to Parramatta we saw this incredibly long coal train.

Four diesel's pulling lots of coal carriages, toot toot
We had a wonderful time and always sad to say goodbye but he really only is 10hrs away so at least I can visit again ☺☺☺

Our road trip back got a picture of the big Merino lol

And the sun just setting as we got closer to home, lot's of bugs on the windscreen too......
Hope you enjoyed this quick trip with us.
xoxoxo ☺☺♥


  1. What a nice trip. I'm glad you had a chance to be together. I like your shirt; I enjoy Alice Cooper, I think he's funny.

  2. Wonderful trip! How nice to see the boy. Alice and Batman...we'd get along just fine. :-)

  3. What an amazing trip, Wendy! .....that standing on glass looking down at the trees part...brave folks you are! My sister and I were surprised by how many trains we saw driving across country, and it looks like you saw a fair number, too in your part of the world :) So glad you had a good visit with your son as well.
    Gracie xx


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