Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Back home and catching up

Hello!!! We are back enjoying some cool weather lol Look at that parking, nice and close.

We stayed nice and calm and I stood out the back so the man could see me through the reverse camera. It is a bit......larger than our little Joey, but we are very happy with it ☺

Back to doing a little crochet....something I did very little of while away as too hot.

We caught up with a caravan group we belong to for a wonderful Xmas gathering. The only pic I took, too busy chatting and eating lol.

Hmmm remember this little guy? Well I have finally got to see him for his 1st birthday.

He has grown a lot but do you think I could get him to look at my mob so I could take a picture of his lovely face......nope. lol 

He is a very easy going fellow and was wonderful to see him, hold him and also catch up with his dad and mum and my mum their Nanny. Misty was at school so will catch up with her soon and my other grandboys ☺

Here is a picture of my mum with my other sister next to her, her hubby and one of our cousins. They emailed this picture to me and my older sister, lovely shot of them all.

And a final picture of Milo in his thunder jacket, which is suppose to help calm a dog during storms. Apparently it has not worked quite as expected, but they have had some pretty wild storms lately, so hopefully he is keeping a little calmer ☺
Now here is a picture of the smiley Riley sent to me by his mum ♥♥
May you all have enjoyed again a little post by me.
Love to you all xoxoxo
Now to get ready for Xmas ☺


  1. I think you all are very brave to drive your rig, Wendy!!! [driving is not one of my greatest skills] I loved seeing pictures of the folks in your family and your latest crochet. I did some scrapbooking and crocheting today and am ready to climb into bed in my flannel sheets to warm up :) It is 15F outside. Brrrrrrr.

    Blessings to you and yours
    Gracie xx

  2. Aw what a nice post Wendy. Riley is a doll! Oh and like your festive crochet. Reminds me of a Santa hat. :-)


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