Thursday, November 28, 2013

Finally a short holiday with Ormiston on the way back home ☺

Finally on our way back home after being away 2 weeks longer than expected. Being 2000klms away from home not a quick trip back lol.
Anyway all is good now and even got our little washing line out while staying in a paddock next to the pub ☺

Here it is again and have taken more interior shots just to show you all and my family too who visit here. Looking forward to showing my mum to ☺

The air con

Our bed, excuse the mess but we are on  holiday, although on the move each day.

Microwave at the foot of the bed lol

Stove top and have cooked up some tasty meals, also the griller.

Sink, we even have a water purifier tap ☺

The ensuite which is handy in the middle of the night lol

The cafe lounge

Our wardrobe right next to the fridge

The fridge/freezer, we travel with lots of frozen food to cook up.

Cupboards under sink

Overhead cupboards with food

We moved on to do a final visit/stay at our friends Ian and Mary and they have lots of Kangaroo's around their property. Thanks for having us stay in our rig at your place guys ☺☺

A cockatoo came to visit in the morning.

Grazing and mowing the grass for Ian lol

Their lovely home

Lots of bird feed here.

Neighbors in the distance up the hill.

Lovely clouds

Sun setting over our rig

A cute colourful parrot came to eat but would not turn around lol

See, had his back to me. We had a lovely visit with our friends and hit the road again.

On one of our days we stopped to get a bit of exercise on this track. Lots of sitting in the car so much needed walks.

Lovely lower fall.

Zoomed in on the upper falls.

Drove over to get a closer look at the upper falls.

Top of the lower falls, you can just see it dropping off the edge.

A near roadside free camp stop and more Kangaroos!

Us all setup for the night with a young neighbor also staying with his family in their van
More Roo's.....we had another stop this time near my son who lives near Sydney. We stayed in a caravan site and he came to have tea with us and a good family catchup. Too busy chatting to him to take pictures lol.
Tonight in the bush near a busy road and settling in nicely.
May have one more night stop on our way home.
Thankyou for visiting and love all your comments.
Has been a long journey for us, with fun thrown in too.
take care xoxoxo ☺♥


  1. No words to say about your pictures. Your house looks good in a small place.
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Wow, Wendy!!! What a wonderful trip you had! Your home on wheels looks very comfy, too. I have been sooooo cold the last few days, I forget that you are glad for your air con at this time of the year :)
    Gracie xx


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