Friday, November 22, 2013

Finally it is here and us in it ☺

Hello, such a long time we have been away from home....... Finally we have the Winjana Ormiston 5th wheeler and can now do a slow drive home although maybe not as slow as our original plan as we have been gone from home for over 5weeks now. Originally planned to be back for a dental appointment then little Riley's 1st birthday but changed my dental appoint and will miss the little man's birthday tomorrow......
Here it finally is and happy with how it all looks.
From the door looking in and please excuse the mess, the amount of packing and unpacking we have been doing for 5weeks has been..... a bit
From the table looking back to the bed with en suite on the side. A lovely big fridge which runs of the large assortment of lithium batteries the man wired up.

The towing gear in the back of our dmax spacecab.
We had a couple of trips back to the factory to fix a couple of teething problems and now let's hope all sorted and we can get ourselves back down to home by start of December or sooner.
Here we are at our 3rd time to actually sleep in it and a bonus stop in a paddock next door to a pub. My big sis Lolly is coming over to say goodbye and have lunch with us at the pub tomorrow.
No milo visiting but I also get to say goodbye to my lovely bro in law too ☺

View from one side

View from the other, lovely aussie countryside ☺ 

There is even a train carriage converted to a neat accommodation site.
Well maybe my last till we are back home, unsure. It has been a fun/trying/family/good time and certainly have copped a lot of sun as pretty warm up in qld and we are not even in the hotter area. I am travelling with a bit of sunburn as my lily skin ain't used to it lol.
Thinking of my mum too as we travel back...
Take care my dear family/friends and visitors.


  1. Your home away from last! I hope you have many wonderful travels in it. It is so neat that in such a small space you can have the basics of the comforts of home. We are celebrating Thanksgiving in the States this week so I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving :)
    Gracie xx

  2. Wow, that is a gorgeous RV! We have loved our trailer and have had lots of pleasant times in it. I look forward to seeing photos from your travels.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Dang.. left a comment and it disappeared. Anyway, love your RV and can't wait to see photos. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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