Thursday, November 14, 2013

Snakes down under and other fun times ☺

Hello again. Still here in the hot area of Bundaberg and doing the touristy things.
A little crocodile smiling, although did leap off a small branch at me lol I on the other side of glass ☺

Python and don't mind these ones as at least they look a bit like they are smiling ☺

Black headed Python
The lady who showed us many snakes, non or mostly non poison types.

Another Python 

Red bellied black snake (poisonous)

Fresh water crocodile

The man enjoying the friends lol. Amazing how soft they feel especially the legs ☺

Koala, there were 3 all sleeping but this one at least was on the right side of the tree for a picture.  

Who is hiding there?

Cane toad which are a real pest and problem.

Emu, not overly fond of these especially when they do a thumping sound in their throat.....

Finally pictures of Kangaroo's, I know all my non Aussie visitors will like these ☺☺

Bearded lizard

Going to just let you look at the next lot of pictures as can't remember all their names but nice to look at ☺☺

This one looks like "What are you looking at" lol

Well hidden turtle and the next lot of pictures have the name of snake followed by the picture. Zoom through if not wanting to look at more snakes. These are all deadly types too.  


Salt water crocodile lurking under the water......

Prompting him to come out (she had a morsel for him)

Out he came and a real loud snap sound, would not like this job at all lol.

He was huge.

Doing rolls, but hard to take the picture.

Another small morsel for him.

Looking pretty pleased.
Now in the female crocodile area where she thinks she still has eggs in a nest and as you could imagine quite ready to attack........ 

Would not want to go near that mouth lol.
It was another hot day and we then headed to a beach area for a bit of lunch and a walk.

Who is in this picture?
Ah!! With that awesome zoom on my canon and small skink with lovely orange colouring ☺

The following day we visited the popular Distillery.
Good old Bundaberg Rum.

No camera taken inside as went on a tour seeing how it is all made from the molasses (sugar cane) right down to the bottling. Then a couple of samples, very nice indeed ☺☺
Now here is the accommodation we have stayed at this week please excuse the mess, don't make beds while on holidays and hot lol Our room where we sleep and watch television.
It is a timeshare in Bargara called Don Pancho and real neat and currently being refurbished. We are in a non refurbished.  Includes bathroom and cooking facilities.

The other room (because we don't mind if any one joins us) same deal but it had a convection microwave and cook top so this became our cooking room lol and where the man was on the computer.

The laundry which is between the 2 rooms and all for us ☺

View out of the door we enter and we have seen lots of blue sky and 30 degree Celsius every day. Us not use to that normally 15 lol.

Lovely pool which the man had a quick dip. We have swam at the beach a few times and is just a quick walk out the back ☺

Today our final day has turned grey but humid, rain which they have so wanted here.

And the pool again with the rain falling this afternoon.
We have had our car serviced today with amazing details checked (10,000klm)
Also the man now has all his medication via a fax through the chemist warehouse as was going to run out in a week seeing as we have been away from home a lot longer than expected.
But good news, the winjana rig should be ready Tuesday and now I get to stay again at my sister Lolly's place so good family time and love ☺
To my family I will be home eventually ♥♥
love to you all out there ☺

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