Monday, November 11, 2013

A long way from home, hot and still having fun waiting ☺

We came back to Toowoomba and stayed in this little bungalow, with tiny kitchen but at least could cook. Picture taken from the kitchen through bedroom to bathroom.

Our car was dropped off on the Monday last week and this is the car they lent to us to use till our car ready with the link needed in the back to tow the Winjana when it is ready which is now possibly this coming Friday and will know on Wednesday, but may not be till next Monday......

We visited the Cobb & Co museum.

Unfortunately not a live Kookaburra but at least a great picture.

Then we got a phone call to come to the factory to return 2 of our solar panels as they needed them for a measure on the roof placement. Here it is now getting a bit more van like.

Back to the Cobb & Co museum to finish our visit

A really great display of buggy's and plenty of model horses.

We then drove up this great lookout where we had seen the Aussie flag flying when travelling on that road with all the roadworks happening down that hill.....

This is "Puppy" who was the mascot of the Toowoomba Thistle pipe band.

The next day we visited Spring Bluff station hoping to see a coal train come through but alas none.

We left a little donation though as they had been affected when the floods came through in 2011.

Yep, no trains

A lovely waterfall but this turned into a torrent washing away everything in its path
Oh who do we have here???

Zoom......cute lizard.

We also stopped at this station which had been also flooded out.
And there is that flag from the road on our way back up from our little tourist trip to the stations.

Love the old trees ☺
Another lookout we went to.
Another view of the borrowed car which was returned late Wednesday and good to have ours back.

A lovely simple park where we had a bbq lunch with a walk

That man of mine is special lol

Didn't see any, but have seen plenty of Wallaby's and Kangaroo's but they move fast!!
Where the water runs off when the lake over fills from rain.

Back at the factory dropping off their car and collecting ours ☺ Starting to look better but told another week so booked ourselves in to Bargara timeshare from fri -fri.

Thank goodness they said we could leave some of this at the factory as it has been a lot of heavy carrying and storing lol

More pictures before we headed back to my sister's. No more pictures for a week as we are going to be roughly 400klm's away.

Steps up to bed with doorway to en suite.

Where the bed will be.

Obviously the roof.


Where the fridge/freezer will be and our wardrobe too.

Back for the night and got to see Milo again ☺

And lots of little Gecko's
Next day we drove to bargara near to Bundaberg where the sugar cane grows and they make the famous Bundy Rum ☺☺

As we are exercising a lot we went on a walk to the only lookout as most of the land in this region is flat and growing sugar cane.

View of the beautiful sea which we have even had a lovely swim as it has been real warm and humid.

This beach is Mon Repos where the turtles come to lay there eggs in the night. Have not seen any yet, except for display ones.

Out and about again yesterday we visited the botanical gardens and had a good look over this old house.

Enjoyed seeing many turtles, look at them coming towards us lol

And of course this train which runs each Sunday was supposed to be steam......nope, fire ban so they ran the little diesel.
If you look real close there is an eel swimming by.

Today we visited the mystery-craters

Also this guy was there lol

Then over to check out this amazing tunnel. The trains use to go through here but all the track has been removed and now just something of interest to see.

Lots of tiny bent wing bats live here ☺☺☺ 

We drove through and then turned around and came back through again. Amazing digging through a  huge rock.
That's it for now although we did visit the Hinkler Aviator museum which was very interesting but did not take my camera for that one.
May you all be keeping well and enjoying visiting here. The longest we have been away from home and don't know for how much longer as once we get our Winjana we still of course want to test ourselves and it out.
Take care and love to all xoxo



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