Monday, November 4, 2013

More fun catchups and time.......

Well do you remember in my last post we visited the Red rattler gallery but was closed? We went back a few days ago and here are the carriages.....toot toot

Stairs or ramp up  into the first carriage 

So many different things there and look.....Mr Squiggle lol

Some lovely pottery, the mugs were $9 mighty tempted to get a purple one!

In the other carriage you can have your coffee/tea many types and cake. We opted for coffee (the man) and I had raspberry leaf tea, which really tastes just like regular tea but no caffeine and some health extras ☺

Always to power man lol

We caught up with my longest friend and noticed this sign. My mum's name is Betty so will show her this when I get back home ♥

We stayed with my sis and bro for a couple of nights and went on the City Cat ferry.

Another incredible day, it really is warm up in this part of Oz, Queensland. 

I sent a txt to my dear friend to let her know we were coming past!

And look with that great canon zoom there she is checking her phone with her hubby lol

Hello my dear friends!! We waved a lot but of course no pictures of that, I was too busy waving lol
Here is my sister's dog Milo again. Love that little dog ♥

He had a bath on the day we were leaving ☺ 

He was not all that keen.......

But he looks pretty relaxed here ☺
We said goodbye but will catch up again while we are waiting for our 5th wheeler.
The man has gone off this morning to do a bit of work with the Lithium battery linkup and leave our car so the hitch can be installed in the back of the Ute and probably find out when we will be ready to collect the rig. Hopefully by Friday.
Take care out there and love to you all xoxo
Also thank you for the comments, really give me a smile.


  1. Your vacation continues to look like lots of fun. I love train museums and old train cars repurposed for shops or eateries.

  2. From my armchair I am enjoying your travels :) It was especially fun to see your friend through your zoom lens as you floated by! We are having rainy cool weather here while you are enjoying the sun.
    Gracie xx


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