Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cabarita beach, time waiting, family and lots of pictures ♥

Hello again, less blog time while away but lots of pictures too enjoy ☺
We headed to our next place cabarita-beach

A butcher bird at Kingscliff where we stopped for a while until able to book in at accommodation

A solitary pelican was also enjoying it here ☺ My dad loved them so I always think of him

Our bedroom


Guest room and we were expecting 2 special people too ☺

Our own balcony

We had a drive and picnic the next day and came across a group of Roosters. Often people dump them because they only want the egg laying hens..... Lots of this happens in New Zealand too
We were out having fun with my sister and bro in law

Simple picnic lunch

See even a mostly white Rooster, they were huge

My bro in law on his ipad

My lovely oldest sister in her cute nightie lol

Yep the man

And me, got to at least add myself occasionally
We had 2 great nights together and are going to stay at their place this weekend ☺

One of our many walks

Many steps but lots of ramps too and wonderful views ☺


A lot of erosion at this beach too
This is a gallery/cafe which we tried to find with my sis and hubby but after lots of driving we gave up. Was fun tripping around with them and they will be happy we found it and as closed the day we passed it, are going back today to have a look ☺☺

Another trip to Toowoomba and as usual we brought some rain for them
Progress pictures of our 5th wheeler ☺

On the road back down that hill with all the road works
Lots of rain

And as you can see, very dry so a lot of rain needed
Lots of thunder and lightning that afternoon and night. No sitting on the balcony
Here are some crazy pea hens thinking they can have fun with cars on the road

The man had a visit to this power company

I bought myself some candles whilst in Nimbin on our way to mt nightcap national park

And here is Mr Snake who also wanted to play with cars.

Of course I stayed in the car, just used my zoom for this shot ☺ He was about 6ft

Beautiful lush forest and lots of walk options too

No swimming at the bottom of the waterfall so as to protect this frog ☺

An amazingly tall tree!

Bush turkey having a good scratch amongst the leaves ☺


Lots of walking, lots of steps and let me tell you, my thighs today know they have been working hard lol
Light waterfall due to lack of rain

Some lovely water plants in the dam

Lots of these beautiful purple flowered trees around this area.

And a lovely picture of my dear sister who I call Lolly ☺
Not a lot of Internet time as you can imagine when away from home but lots of pictures loaded and hope you enjoy our time on holidays and waiting the completion of our 5th wheeler.
Happy Halloween to you all too.
xoxo ☺ ♥


  1. It looks like you're having a very nice trip. It's nice that you've been able to spend time with your sister and her husband too. The place you're staying in looks so comfortable and homey, I'm sure you must be having a ball. Enjoy the rest. :)

  2. You live in amazing land, Wendy. I have to admit that I am not fond of snakes, but I really enjoyed viewing your photos. It is so exciting you have been able to visit your sister, and that you get to watch the process of your 5th wheeler take shape! I especially love the photos of the roosters. Beautiful!
    Gracie xx


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