Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cedar Lake, waiting on van build, some crochet and heaps of pictures to enjoy ☺

Hello again, our first week was spent here at Cedar Lake.

The main bedroom excuse the mess, on holidays lol

The bathroom

In case anyone came to visit and wanted to stay ☺


Kitchen where we have cooked every night ☺

The lake where you can paddle boat or canoe.

One morning we decided to have a bbq breakfast so drove to Hinze_Dam

Got to love old trees

Playground and  toilets handy to the bbq area.

The overflow of the dam

A butcher bird thought it could join our breakfast

No snags for him all ours.

From up the top of the dam looking down to the bbq area 

Good walk to work off our bbq

Neat cafe with plenty of meals served and yummy ice cream etc

We had a trip to Coolangatta where the airport is and of course I got the man to park near the runway ☺☺

 And the man so excited lol lol
A little gecko lizard

When we dropped in on my older sister they showed us their neighbors yard where a bush turkey has been trying to make a nest.
And here is part of the winjana van, the top part is where the bed will be up a few steps.

And here a view from the back looking towards the board where the steps for bedroom will go up above. Wood panel look flooring. No more pictures for another week at least and can imagine there will be a big change ☺ 

These are the roadworks out of Toowoomba and we were here last june and you may remember some of my pictures then. Busy busy

Came back to our unit and this crazy bird know as a Spur-winged-Plovers and they like to nest on the ground and in the open so rather risky. They also love to attack humans lol

No theme parks this time but just had to go have a look at Sea World and their new ride (the blue track) which has not opened yet but must be pretty soon.

Oh and there goes the hiss......I want to ride lol

Standing on the tailgate of our dmax ☺

This lizard is know as Lizzie and is a resident of where we are staying ☺
Out again and this time to mount tambourine a bit hazy but a lovely place with lots of walking tracks.

Off we go and thank goodness no snakes appeared lol


We have been walking every morning to get that weight down and enjoying the wildlife here so took my camera this morning to get extra snaps

Turtles how cute and amazing how many there were but glare was a bit hard

If you look real close you will see a rather long eel who enjoyed some bread crumbs we had to share ☺

And finally can share some crochet I had been working on and posted out to my oldest boy for his upcoming birthday!! Boomerang bird

The white bird who apparently drops eggs in the game lol

He has now received them in the mail and very happy with them ☺☺☺ 
And yes finally finished those socks!!
Thankyou for visiting and coming along on our little journey of van making
take care xoxo


  1. I love that wonderful picture of the old tree. So magnificent. Looks like a lovely time!

  2. It is so interesting, Wendy. I view your blog photos and think to myself "oh we have so much in common in our surroundings" [and we do] but then you show me the different birds, and lizards, and such that you encounter and I am stopped in my tracks, so to speak!
    Watching your camper shape up is interesting as well!
    And I think your crocheted critters are cute, and your colorful socks look very cozy :)
    Gracie xx


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