Saturday, October 19, 2013

On the road........

Ah, yes there she is sister and her hubby. They came to visit us for the night before we headed off on our long trip to finally get our 5th wheeler. Long  trip because we will be in the region while it is getting built. ☺

On the road and a nice start to our trip.

Have driven through this area many times and would you believe there was NO water here four years ago due to a long drought.

Amazing so full and beautiful again. Of course lot's of my shots are while car is moving, but the canon handles it all pretty well.

First night at Junee where they gave us a neat cabin with full oven and fridge! Not that we needed it but were away from some of the noisy guests in the motel ☺

2nd day on the road and little Miss sunny was enjoying the great weather.

We were filling up with diesel when I spotted in this van and zoomed in before it went over the bridge.

This is the loveyoursister van with an Australian actor/brother who is riding his unicycle around Australia in support/awareness and money raising for breast cancer. Go to the link for more information, truly incredible

Those crochet socks I started either end of last year or early this year, going to finish them this trip ☺ 
So way out country wise on the roads that a lot do not even have the white lines down the middle.

Stayed at Gilgandra in a motel, another neat accommodation.  

We were able to microwave our bacon and eggs for breakfast in rolls.

Car very neatly packed with some of our stuff. 

And loaded to the hilt under the cover with our van things as well our suitcases with clothes.

This funny dog was trying to run in and out of the rooms with doors open but was firmly told by motel owner to GET OUT lol He looks like he was planning another dash lol.

Another glorious day and we were now wearing shorts as mighty warm
Queensland mountains in the distance
Uranus..... many planets along the way and took this as we went past at 100klms

Had plenty of views of these mighty large trucks, some triples.

This plant on the side of the road while waiting for roadworks delay reminded me of a spider, hideous lol

Full moon shining in the afternoon at our last stop at Toowoomba

Lovely motel and even gave us the spa suite because they had no other rooms left ☺

Although did not use the spa, but cooked up our breakfast in the morning again.

View from balcony and you can see the moon above the tree.

Next morning called in at the make of our 5th wheeler and this is where it begins......
We then visited my sister (in the background) and brother in law and am sure I will get many more pictures of them as going to visit and have them come stay with us too.

The Tawny owl had returned to their area too..

We went out to an Austrian restaurant and I had to take a picture of this bush turkey. They are everywhere.

Poor dear.

A water dragon lizard (well I am pretty sure that is what type it  is)

Back to their house before heading to our next weeks accommodation and this is their cute little guy Milo ☺

Yes again we brought the rain with us, but very much needed.

Heavy rain for a while but not long enough as really need a lot.
They have a lot of this though........TRAFFIC lol

Not going to theme parks this time, so no Dreamworld.....

No Movieworld......

But have caught up with these friends who own and run Uncles burgers. facebook page and have the best burgers and so close to themeparks it is well worth leaving the parks to come and eat here. Lovely people too.
There are terrible fires happening in nsw blue mountains so let's have a thought for all.
May they keep safe.


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