Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fun with Family and getting ready for trip

Gosh the weeks go so fast and don't even want to think about Xmas for sure!!
Had ourselves a birthday get together at hogsbreath

The man's youngest boy. His oldest boy was unable to make it and also my daughter and her 2 sons were away on a holiday and my oldest boy too far away.

The man enjoying a nice red.

My youngest boy and his lovely fiance'

Neat girl Misty
She came as a Pirate

Her Mum. 
My middle boy, Riley's dad 

And me with Riley, a shocker of Granny but oh well, I do put pictures of other's on here that may not be the best lol

Fun with a balloon 

Yes another of him, love taking plenty of pictures.

An interesting bit of art work at the restaurant lol

The man's little girl ☺

Enjoying his meal of fish 

We had a lovely time with lots of chatting.

Finally attacked those weeds with the help of the man and got to love attacking snails!!

Almost weed free with a couple of tomato plants too.

This was completely covered in weeds and now all gone. Just got to dump the hay all over and should be fine till we get back from our trip to collect that van. Which is about to be started to be put together.

Lemon tree is thriving with plenty of fruit coming again.

The Ute getting packed up with what will mostly go in the van once we have it and of course our suitcases with clothes. A few solar panels also are travelling up with us to be installed.

Oh, who do we have here lol. My older sister who will be so happy I put her picture here and my Mum who was having another medical appointment and all good.
Well we head off in a few days so hope to post a little bit over the next 4 weeks and pictures eventually of the 5th wheeler once we collect and have a little trip with it.
Raining again today and cold. Where we are heading it is hot so will be a nice change.
Keep safe people xoxo

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