Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Just dropping by......

Been a while since I posted but here I am and look who this is!! Yes got to visit that grand baby Riley after he and his family could not come a couple of weeks ago due to illness. He has grown so much and still was a little crook, but he is all good now and will be seeing him again tomorrow night for a birthday dinner. There is quite a few birthdays in October so having a bit of a get together at Hog's breath about 1 1/2 hr drive from here. Should be fun.

There is that wild girl Misty (Riley's sister) ☺

His lovely Mum.

His wonderful Dad, my middle boy. Had a great visit with them and then have done very little till....

The man thought we should take a nice drive to holey-plains-state-park where we had stayed the night in our old little van over 2 years ago. He thought it would be a good place to test .....
The winch on the dmax. He tied a rope around the tree and then connected it to the winch, where we backed way up so took get the full length unwound.

We were right near one of the many pine tree plantations in this forest.

Don't really want to know how bit the ant is that lives here!!

A view looking the other way. Really just me filling in time and testing that camera Canon sx160is. 

A kangaroo paw print
You cant really see the rope and winch but I am now behind the wheel (just to steer)and it is pulling the dmax closer to the tree.

Zoomed shot. It all worked well and hope we don't need to use to often as don't want another situation like this one 
Last weekend we took a little drive to the town of Walhalla a historic mountain township and thought we would have a nice meal at the little pub.

Even a deer here ☺

Enjoyed a lovely bottle of Merlot and tasty meals

Then a walk around for an hour or 2 just enjoying the scenery.

Many mines are here now unused. It is also a town that many drive to go four wheel driving beyond in the mountains.

Can you see that small dark spot above the high grass area?

Zoomed in and it an old fire oven, neat. I do love the zoom on this camera.

And here is where the helicopter lands for emergency ambulance pickup etc.

When you live amongst these mountains good to know a helicopter can come in to help.

A gnarly old tree ☺

One of the homes with a view.

On the way here and back you pass this sign and it is a half way point between Traralgon and Moe.
I have some lovely bright pig face growing, funny name but love them. Have HEAPS of weeding to get done here and have tried but hands really ache so slowly I go......
Hope you are all fine where you are.
See you soon. xo


  1. Wendy! Your blog is so aptly named. You and Paul are having some amazing adventures, but I hope you do not repeat the trailer mudslide mishap again! I can see now how a wench might help rescue you if you do, though.
    I'm glad you had a Grand visit with your family, too :)
    Blessings to you and yours,
    Gracie xx

  2. Nice to see you! Riley is so cute. I'm glad you're doing well. :)


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