Friday, September 27, 2013

Family time

Hello!! We decided to have a BBQ on Sunday with our kids. Unfortunately my middle boy his lovely partner and little Misty and baby Riley were unable to come as they were all quite sick : ( but are better now ☺ Also the man's oldest boy as he lives a couple of hours away and work commitments and my oldest boy as he lives in another state. Anyway we were very lucky with good weather although rained at the start of the day.

I made this wonderful rhubarb (out of my garden) crunch and my girl took a nice slab home with her ☺

Oh dear there is the man's girl and her now world famous tongue lol

The man and his youngest son having a chat ☺

My youngest boy

His beautiful fiance'. She has amazing eyes ☺

There dog Roxy also enjoyed the family gathering.

Lots of fun outside

My girl, got to love her top lol

Her 2 boys my oldest grandsons

And my nephew who lives with my girl also enjoyed the day. Great to have him here and I know he enjoyed the food too ☺ 

Thank goodness this is NOT how the backyard was while they were here. It has rained heaps ever since Sunday so have a bit of a pond in the middle of yard..........

Still working on a little something for someones birthday in a month or 2 ☺♥

Don't you love this little outfit!! A glow in the dark skeleton suit size 1 for baby Riley. Look forward to seeing him in this!! lol

And the man got himself this smoking unit which uses methylated spirits for the heat and you have wood sawdust (hickory/peach or other tree types) and the chicken breasts taste fantastic. Must try and get a picture of the end results and the smell is wonderful too.
How are your day's and week's going?
See you visiting here soon, take care as always ♥


  1. You're going to love the smoker, we use ours all the time. Your family get-together looks like a lot of fun, you have a lovely family and they look like very nice young people.

  2. Wendy, it is a challenge to get all of a big family together, isn't it, but I am glad you were able to gather as many members as you did! We are supposed to get an unusually heavy rain storm this weekend, so our yard may soon look like yours :) Blessings to you and yours, Gracie xx

  3. Rhubarb from your garden? Awesome - looks so yummy. Love the tongue and shirt, Wendy - a fun crowd for sure!

  4. I'm intregued by your crochet project. It looks sort of familiar but I can't place it, like a cartoon or game character?

    (haha just scrolled down further & it's angry birds isn't it!)

    Baby Reily will look very cool as a skeleton - who wouldn't?


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