Saturday, September 21, 2013

New camera, boring pic's and some crochet

Hello there. Got myself and new little camera as my old fujifilm was having problems with its zoom and just not performing very well. Also this one has a fantastic zoom and can take it anywhere with me when I don't want to lug the much bigger fujifilm slr.

See, a greet zoom. Its 16 mega pixels, 28mm wide 16x zoom with 3.0 lcd screen perfect.

And of course I have just had to take a few boring shots, just because I can. Close up of my beloved Rosemary ☺ 
Zoomed on a gum a few house blocks across.
And mega zoom on this light which is way over behind our block
That light is even further than the trees you can see here with me taking a shot near my blue star ☺

Also got a nice (cheap) tea pot so I can make some special herbal concoctions.

Now have Rosemary, Thyme, Sage and Lemon Thyme hanging in the kitchen to use when dry.

A bit of crochet has been going on but can't show you the end results of this as it is a xmas present for someone and they may see lol.

Started a very quick easy pattern from the wonderful laughingpurplegoldfish and the pattern is available for free on ravelrycalypso-the-kooky-owl and come say hi to me if you like, I am batwing57 over there ☺

You use 3 strands of 8ply and 6.5mm hook and makes up quickly

Isn't she cute with her button eyes

and a hand stitched nose but can use felt too.

She is currently residing with this lot but she looks a little unsure lol lol 
Would make a great gift for anyone and there are quite a few sizes in the instructions. This one is the little one.  

Oh yes another quick practice shot.
Hope your weekend is great and see you soon xoxo

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  1. Congratulations on your new camera! Isn't a fun to have a new "toy" to play with? I love to take photos and I really enjoy teaching myself. I love your owl and yes, she does look a little nervous with that bunch but I am sure they'll get used to each other. :)


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