Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Nice lunch at an OLD pub

You will all be glad to know Mum is doing well and back home enjoying some peace and quiet. I have had quite a few road trips back to visit overnight and also for the day to take her to some appointments but all good ☺
Sunday here was a rare sunny day so the man decided we could go out for lunch somewhere. I remembered when I did a bit of driving around Gippsland when I first moved here a river with a pub near it and thought perhaps we could go there. Of course at first I could not remember but thank goodness my brain clicked and I knew it was near Macalister_River
It is the only hotel in the town of Maffra and was built in 1922.

Always great to find and old pub still open and good food.

One of the mirrors on the wall at our table.

Nothing nicer than a bit of cider ☺

I chose prawn salad and it was delicious. One of the $12.50 meals on the board 

The man chose Rissole and chips also from the special board.

After our meal we had a short stroll to look at the river, which has part of the gippsland rail trail near.  Great for those who love to ride their bikes or walk.

The river was looking pretty full but the flow was very hard to detect.

I love this river ☺

A snap from the bridge back to the hotel ☺
Was a nice little trip out and will do again as the menu changes a lot.

Today we picked a bargain of 4 dvd's for $50 and I am especially happy with "Katy Perry movie" which I went to see while it was on at the movies and have watched twice when in new zealand on holiday (via foxtel). Now I have my own copy, the poor man may have to watch again lol.
Do you have a move you like? I do have many, one being "Too Kill a Mockingbird"
Thanks again for visiting xo

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