Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Weeds, nothing to do with xmas lol

We sure are good at growing weeds around here. There has been loads of rain and we are in summer now with extreme heat one day and cold the next, crazy Aussie weather.

Suddenly noticed growing in the soon to be mowed grass something different.

Yeah, mushrooms!! Not even the time of year they would grow especially out in the middle of a sunny back garden......weird.  They have now been mowed away so yard is looking better today.

Even have potato bushes going crazy down the back near the lemon tree.

I cut the top off this young lemon tree and it has gone mad. Think the man has been assisting in its growth lol

The sage is dying off for some reason, but the Aloe is growing bigger as is the spearmint.
Well enough boring garden talk.

Caught up with one of my bro in-laws and he was having an in depth discussion with the man.


And my sis who just LOVES having her picture taken and especially appearing here lol
Hello Chook my little name for her ☺
Had to delete one pic of her or she would not have been very happy with me ♥
They came to see our new van now called Winnie.

Oh yes and my pic just to be fair ☺☺

Have made for my mum for Xmas this scarf and also

these mittens she loves wearing so I reckon she will be happy with these.
Drove down (2hr) to take her Xmas shopping and she was glad to have me and my sis help her and of course see us, but left camera home so Mum is safe from my picture taking lol....
May you all be enjoying getting ready for Xmas and some of you have already had plenty of catch ups with friends and family. Our next 2 weeks will be full of that ☺☺
Till next time take care my lovely visitors xo


  1. You said nothing to do with Christmas, but Christmas presents at the bottom? Lol.
    cya for Chrissie.
    love Julia

  2. There may be weeds, but your grass looks nice and lush. I envy your lemon tree!

  3. It is fun and cheering to see all the green that is growing around you...even if there are a few weeds! We survived an Arctic blast of weather last week, but it is much more moderate this week. I love the color and pattern of your Mom's gifts and I'm glad you are enjoying good times with your family!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours, Wendy xx

  4. Does it remind you of Nimbin


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