Friday, January 3, 2014

I am for a lengthy post on xmas fun ☺

Hello again, been a while since here but these kids were ready for Xmas!!
Hope they don't scare you.
Well we started to pack up our stuff as going away to 2 different places for the next 2 weeks.

It was sure a job and a half packing everything in, as we were taking lots of food, presents and clothes. All of our kids were coming to join us over the break with a few other family friends too ☺

We arrived at Cowes and unpacked and got the tree lit up.
This young lady came to visit the next morning ☺

The man of course.

One of his boys came to stay for almost a week with his girl ☺

And my cuz and her man came to stay too for a night. A lot of fun was had.
She also got to meet my 2 older grandsons, so that was lovely. But bad Granny took NO pictures.....

Day before Xmas we got going on getting some of the food ready.
My twist on a chocolate ripple cake for Xmas.

Everybody loved it 

We pre roasted 3 large chickens. Had the ham all sliced up and put together some vegies too.

Ah a high chair for one of the young guests lol

Table ready for action. With a turkey roll cooking in the oven....

My youngest and his sweet girl (getting married in October)

My oldest boy who drove over 800 klms to be there ☺ 

The man's oldest boy and his girl, lovely 

The man's youngest boy who has now grown a beard.....perhaps he wanted to be santa lol

My girl and the man's girl, love them xo

Yep me and him ☺
Some of us tucking in to the food.

Presents getting opened and you will see one present being opened in lots of pictures as it was so well boxed, wrapped, tied, gave him a lot of fun to see what his girl got him lol

My middle boy, that Misty and the little guy ♥

Still going on that present which also had to be removed from inside this stuffed bear........

Still snipping, tearing lol

Riley enjoying his food ☺


Misty's mum

Ta Da, the end result of all that unwrapping lol

Riley loved Granny's Xmas train.

This girl just loves wearing super hero clothes ☺

Aunty ♥

A beautiful gingerbread house from my soon to be daughter in law ☺

Cute tasty Xmas tree from the man's girl

And lot's of these came to visit near our balcony

Now don't get a shock but my girl gave me this neat picture which became quite scary but I love it!!

Riley's dad ♥

Riley having fun with his uncle ☺

On one of our last days in Cowes we went to visit the wetlands and nobbies where you see the little penguins.

There is one hiding in the nesting box

Birds of prey checking out what they could catch

Beautiful ocean where sometimes whales and dolphins go past. Rocks in the further distance have seals.... 
Cape barron goose
Quiet time with mum

The traffic at our next place to stay was MEGA..... This is Rye and traffic is like this for at least 2 weeks plus over Xmas and new year. We came here for new years eve week.

Jet ski's galore

Fun at the beach making sea turtles. Would you believe only snap I got of oldest grandson....bad granny and none of his brother. Look out boys next time the camera wont stop snapping lol  

We had a lot of fun with family, friends and lots of rides at the carnival down the road. But yes no pictures, I think I was a little tired lol 
Then we had 2 nights alone so out came this sauce

to coat these wings, yummy they were.

Our last day in the Rye area we went to point-nepean-national-park and did a few walks.

The ferry runs from Sorrento to Queenscliff every hour on the hour, there are 2 of them.

Where the big ships head when they are leaving to go to other countries with cargo and yes of course cruise ships like the one we went on back early last year.

There are the 2 about to pass each other.

Always love old trees........ 

This is in the area where the quarantine station is the second oldest permanent station in Victoria (1852-1980). There are over 50 heritage listed buildings and the oldest intact buildings erected for quarantine purposes in Australia. Later to become home to Officer Cadet School (1952-1985) and School of army health (1985-1998)

Hope you have enjoyed these tourist type pictures just to see.

Amazing views from the balcony 
Amazing strong structures.

On the walk back spied this parrot who of course turned his back...

Got him.
Thank you for visiting again and hope I have not bored you too much with all the pictures lol
Keep safe out there and drop by again.


  1. Even though I have taken more photos since I started blogging, like you I forget to take some I intended to :) However, you did get some good ones, Wendy! So glad you enjoyed time with family and friends! And thanks for sharing some of the wonderful views you saw as well,,,such an amazing part of the world in which you live! xx

  2. It looks like you had a great time, Wendy. How nice to have all the kids and grandkids there too. Misty looks exactly like her mum, doesn't she!

  3. Mum I just loved reading that, you have a way with words and wow Point Nepean looks stunning! Loved the interesting pics, you two would have had a really nice time! And LOL you saw the Cape Barron Goose, I love them, funny birds :-) XOXOX


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