Thursday, January 9, 2014

Visitors.....and good times.

Hello again, yes me just hanging out with some of the bats in our house ☺
We have caught up again with family, this time at our home.

My cousin and her bloke came to stay for the night and we enjoyed a good old bbq.

It was a bit chilly in the evening so I put on the jumper that my lovely daughter gave to me for xmas.  It is a little different and I LOVE it. Skulls and such a soft jumper it is.

The lovely flowers which my cousin gave to me.

Yesterday we had an appointment to get the registrations changed on our Winjana from QLD to VIC. It was built in qld and easier to register it there, then bring it back home to change now that xmas and new year are over. It is currently getting a little service at a place in town so we are yet to reverse it back in.....wish us luck ☺

Later that day my oldest boy came to stay for the night. He lives over 800klm's away and he has been having a wonderful time catching up with his sister, and 2 brothers and nephews. He came our way so he could get on the road this morning and try a different route back. I am going to miss him.... 

Look at this picture of little Riley enjoying an egg....such a face ☺ Stole this from his mum on facebook ☺☺

Here he is with Aunty and Uncle ♥

Hanging out with his cousin, my oldest grandson.

Again with Aunty and cousin, my middle grandson ♥
I did not get to this gathering so pinched these pictures also off facebook ☺☺
Now back to having a go at some crochet, have really lost my mojo so hope it comes back soon.
Also on the road to weight loss.....wish me luck with that.
Thanks for dropping back and keep safe out there ☺


  1. I love coming here because you have the quirkiest taste! I love the skull sweater. But I hope those are fake bats! :)

  2. Wendy, I was thinking I could count on you being plenty warm down your way at this time of year, but even you had to don a sweater to warm up! I'm glad you have been enjoying more good visits with your family, and I wish you well in your latest projects :) xx

  3. My fingers are crossed that your knitting mojo comes back!
    The skulls on your jumper are perfection. :)


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