Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sunflower ☺ and hot hot weather

Love seeing the moon and got this picture a few days ago with my neat canon camera ☺

I am slowly progressing on this small shawl for my mum. Going to give it to her for her birthday in March. That crochet mojo is going very slowly lol

Picked up some knitting which I started last March, yep that long ago. A pair of socks for me ☺ I bought this wool when we were on the cruise and stopped at Auckland. Lovely and bright.

And in the garden is this lovely sunflower, pity the picture is a bit blurry.

You can see there is a stunted one next to it. 

See there are also other little flower heads growing near the leaves.....
Would you believe I planted almost 2 packets of sunflowers and only TWO have grown.
Incredible, must really be something with our soil. It has been crazy HOT here this week. Four days in a row of over 40celcius (104f) with tomorrow going to be 44c (111f), crazy.
Thank goodness we have a timer watering this garden to keep the herbs and sunflowers alive.
May you be keeping cool where you are and for those of you who are on the opposite climate, keep warm and hey I will even send some warmth your way happily ☺
Till next time, keep safe xo

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  1. Wow, you've been a busy little bee! I love your moon shot.. I find the best photos are taken in the late afternoon when the moon comes out, don't you? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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