Sunday, April 13, 2014

A bit of sewing and other good things

Yes finished the crochet mittens and now in the hands of my daughter and she loved them ☺ Certainly will keep her fingers warm

I must be going through a productive time as I decided to have a go at this back, which is part of a game but I only needed the bag and will use for crochet/knit projects. The pattern was in the 2011 sewing calendar and

I chose some cute bat material that a dear friend gave me

Cut out the pieces with the other side being black

Started up the good old Husqvarna sewing machine

Tried not to stab myself lol 

This bag has box type corner which I have never done before 

See after sewing across you then cut off the corner

I also included a pocket inside the bag which is fully lined

There it is complete without the ties

And hanging with the ties, very happy with this even though my seams are a little off lol 

We then had a night down with friends and must say we had a great night even though we all look a little serious lol 

Lots of chatting went on and hand waving....HELLO friend ☺

And yes me with my longest friend, both even born in the same hospital. My birth 7th hers the 18th, great to have a long time friend with many fond fun memories ☺☺

We stayed the night and in the morning went for a great walk and ended up going past a beach my dear dad loved. Dendy street in Brighton (Oz)

The man and I, thank you for taking these pictures friend's hubby.
My dad used to call me out to the deep water, saying that he was not standing on a rock.....but.....when I swam out, yep he was standing on a big dark rock (which I had a bit of a fear about), so I had to then swim all the way back. Guess it taught me how to swim at least lol 

They always had some bathing boxes (in the background)

And now they have a lot of them and worth quite a bit too. Beautiful morning we had and now back at our home.......

With this guy, number 2 grandson staying for a few nights with Granny
School holidays can be a great time for catchup's
Thank you for dropping by and may your week be a good one


  1. The bag is fabulous! I love the bat material. I'm glad you had a nice time with friends; it's wonderful that you've stayed in touch with your bestie for so long.

  2. Love the mittens.. crochet? Also.. good job on the bag! I'm impressed! Love all your adventures. Cute grandson!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. A suggestion? If you do comment approval, you don't need the word verification, too. :-)

  4. Just me testing the comment approval...hope this gets rid of verification lol

  5. testing the comment verification

  6. so nice things!
    if you like you can see my little animals on my blog


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