Monday, April 21, 2014

Fun time seeing family and JULIAN CLARY ♥

Finally got to see this little guy again and boy has he grown.....sorry for bad pictures but he moves a lot lol 

Came to pick up my oldest boy sitting with little Misty with the wild hair ☺ You can just see the little guy behind them. Didn't get any pictures of  my other boy or his girl, next time......

Love this little man's face 

Then on to my daughters and of course had to take a snap of her cat Dante', love him ☺

My girl, oldest boy and me had a night in the city and stayed in this rather neat accommodation

Took a walk through an area they call "china town" in Melbourne chinatownmelbourne and this was the only shot I took to busy enjoying the time out ☺

My girl and her brother ♥

Me and my girl ♥

Ah yes getting ready to go and enjoy the night with the man himself Julian Clary
I think I look a little excited lol

Cute pic and what fun we had on Saturday night
These 2 even took me to a couple of night clubs plenty of lights flashing and music....I loved it and funny being the oldest person there lol 

View from our room

This place had a full kitchen

Great bathroom with a bath! And even own washing machine and dryer (which I used after having soda water explode all over my top lol )

Shhhhh someone is still sleeping.
It was a fabulous time and we laughed so much my chest still hurts 2 days later lol
It can be a lot of fun going out with your adult children
Thanks for dropping in and hope your Easter has been good

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  1. Wow, you have a beautiful family! Darling littlies.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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