Friday, April 25, 2014

On the road with Winjana

Boy was it sure pouring rain when we headed off on Tuesday to collect a block out blind for the Winjana. And because we had to go 2hrs+ down the road we decided to extend our upcoming vanning weekend with the Van group

Thank goodness we left the rain behind and stopped at a free camping spot near Nagambie 

They were completing a new bridge which would then connect the camping ground to both sides, but it was good on this side and quite a few others stopped for the night

Another shot of the river, nice gum trees in the reflection

One of our many explorer's Thomas_Mitchell_(explorer)

A crow creeping around for some bugs

Next morning was lovely and sunny and our flower was happy too

Dropped in to the old butter factory and the man had a nice cappuccino

On to our next destination just past Porepunkah (a place my youngest boy has camped at) more info here

A lot greener than our spot the night before and also next to a river too

Took ourselves on a walk down this track

Not a lot of water at the moment but certainly flowing

When the rainfall is heavy a lot of trees can find themselves with exposed roots and risk of falling too

We noticed it was okay to have a fire......

Collected plenty of small bits from on the ground

The man cutting some of the larger fallen branches

I can make a pretty good fire......I am the pyromaniac in this coupling lol

Nice to relax with a view of the fire

Still a wonderful blue sky overhead with the tall gum trees

Our healthy burger for tea outside....

Time for bed, putting the fire out

Next morning up bright and early to head towards Bright a place we took my mum too last year when we stayed at time share, you can read it here holiday with mum in bright 

Beautiful autumn time for these tree's and will show Mum when we return

Picked up some Walnuts from the roadside fruit/veg lady near the turnoff to Tawonga gap

We then arrived at our destination of Anglers rest link to info a lovely spot near a river and a pub. How cute are these little birds with the little bits of red on their heads

And the pub where we had a fantastic scotch fillet steak and salad ☺☺ and a little red wine too

Oh look the man is reading lol 

Breakfast this morning in the sun, enjoying my baked beans and a cup of lemon myrtle tea

The man was having mushrooms on toast

We also had 6 bikers camp for the night next to us, they also had a meal in the pub 

The river near the campsite and pub

The winjana back in the distance 

A picture from the road above, you can see some of the bikers too packing up

And yep we have lots of solar panels powering our Lithium batteries so no need for power as we are a travelling power station lol 

We are now camped here for 2 nights with a caravan group we are members of so more fun ahead.
We really have been blessed with great weather to as Autumn can be wet, but sunny and loving it.
Hope you enjoyed joining us again
take care out there xoxo ☺♥


  1. Lovely photos, I always enjoy seeing your travels. You little pyro. Haha. :)

  2. I'm glad to see you're adventuring away with your caravan! We're at the beach in ours! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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