Monday, April 28, 2014

Back home after fun time away

Hello there we are now back home but this is us in Omeo  info herewith the caravan club we belong to, nice spot and had a meal out at the local pub the first night, walking distance for us ☺☺

Plenty of Cockatoo's here

Did not go to close, just used the zoom as did not want to scare them off. Noisy birds but cute.

We had an outing in the town to the Old Court House and Police station with jail
Some of the group with the man waiting for the tour guide to let us in

Inside the courthouse which is still used at least once a year and has records dating back to 1800's

One of the guys pretended he was judge for the day lol 

Many old buildings to see, like this laundry/toilet

Oh yes.....steam type tractor

Old wagon, love the wheels

The jail's toilet (dunny) all open and would be freezing in winter.....

Outside the jail where men and women were placed

This is the old police station where the tour guide now lives

Tour guides dog, very friendly ☺

One of those lovely old rooms with antique everything

Wonderful water wheel
We had a great time with the friends we have made in the club and have another trip in July to Ballarat with them....winter in Ballarat is FREEZING lol 

We moved on for our final night and a great free camp spot in Seaspray more info

It is a very short stroll to the surf beach which is part of the 90 mile beach

Beautiful and the day was wonderful

Yes I love taking lots of sea shots ☺

Oh look me and my shadow at the surf

The man and I trying a selfie lol 

And my son put on facebook this picture of me, him and Julian
such a fun night and nice to have this picture ☺
Well now back home doing lots of washing, cleaning and then to catch up with family and friends
See you again soon xoxoxo


  1. What a great place to visit. I love the cockatoos, it seems so exotic to me to have an entire flock of them all in one place!

  2. It looks like you and I are both adventuring to the sea! Love the cockatoos and ocean views! Hey, it rhymed! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Lots of interesting sights on your adventure, Wendy! Makes me glad for our modern luxuries but I still think water wheels are cool :) xx


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