Friday, May 2, 2014

Keeping motivated on food

Hello again. This was my yummy lunch the other day, prawns and salad with a light homemade seafood sauce. Astri over at appleblossom will be proud of me/us sticking to healthy eating and a CANDO approach ☺

The man had our chicken lasagne out of Save with Jamie cookbook and salad.
We have had heaps of this lasagne in the freezer and is tasty and light

Now those who know me know my love for chicken wings but oh my they sure are not on the weight loss side of eating but...... these ones were boiled for about 8 mins then a bit of spice and cornflour dusted and into a hot over and turned a few times and were great and look we only had 3 each. 
And of course salad which we say water is our friend and salad is our friend.
The man has lost 18 kg and me 7 kg so far and sticking with it and walking daily.
Still enjoy a tipple (drink) or 2 and  still want to enjoy ourselves ☺

When we came back last week we drove in with the winjana we left it attached to the car for a few days then decided we would attempt to bring it in forwards on this trolley setup the man has made.

Good strong little wheels but.......

Alas it did not move very well so we have now reversed in and it is parked as per usual in the front of  the house. We are thinking along the lines of a motorised mover to help us move it without the car
I am still working on that 3rd sock to match my other 1......
Hope you manage to get more knitting or crochet done than I am doing lately lol
May your upcoming weekend be a good one


  1. Shrimp for a diet.. sign me up! Good for you both on the losses.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Beautiful food presentation, Wendy! And yea for your losses! xx


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