Monday, May 26, 2014

Quick post and sad rosemary

Hello again, just a short post from me ☺ Been catching up with my Mum, One of my sisters and bro-in law and did not annoy them with the camera lol but......

The girl dropped in for a day visit and she loved the mittens and cowl I made for her ☺ She heads off to the UK next week for goodness knows how long but will be a great time for her. If any of you living in the UK recognise this face out and about say hello to her ☺☺

And back to my Rosemary plant, I cant believe it has gone from this last July to........

THIS! Don't know what has attacked it but it sure is not good.....
Do you have sabotage in your garden?
I will keep hopeful that it recovers but.....
see you again soon xoxo


  1. Hehehe you always make me laugh!! Xoxo Love ya, Sarah ♥

    1. Thankyou dear girl of mine xoxoxo marsie xoxo

  2. What a nice thing that you made such wonderful things for your daughter! As for the plant.. just chop off the bad parts and it should bush out with new growth just fine! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Oh, your poor rosemary! I have some too but I don't do much with it so I'm no help. The scarf and mitts came out great! I hope she has a good trip.

  4. Well done on the mitts and cowl, Wendy! I hope your daughter has a wonderful trip.

    I lost my lavender bush that had been happy for several years and still have not figured out why it gave up. Hopefully Teresa is right and trimming your rosemary will make it thrive :) xx


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