Thursday, May 29, 2014

Crochet and sewing a few things

Have you read this book or seen the movie with Gregory Peck? One of my favourite books and movie ☺ One of my four were lucky enough to have this as their book to read in high school many moons ago. I decided I would read it again and am really enjoying it although I do read quite slowly lol 

I started to make one of these cute bunnies last Easter (2013) or maybe longer and well no excuse just never completed it so here it is. Not as bright as some of the bunnies I have seen but still cute. Pattern available thegreendragonfly 

Cute pom pom tail

I also started another on of those birds from the lovely lucy attic24

And as you can see I tie up all my little bits and slowly getting a scrappy ball together. May be able to make another of those scrappy scarves again for someone ☺

And here is the bird, not really colourful like Lucy's but more rustic lol 

And those pants I made for little Riley who is 18mths (oh my) were loved so I have now knocked up 3 more pairs all different and for either day wear or night time ☺☺ Think he will like these dinosaurs

Fuzzy warm skeleton pants

And these with the last bits of teddy material, hence one leg has a black front, don't think he will mind though ☺

Closeup of the cute teddy fabric which I even used for my boy who is almost 30! Cute but don't think he would want to wear this now lol 

And my little tag I try to iron on things I have made.
The pants are now in the mail to his mum and dad as I am unable to drive down at the moment.....
I have had quite a productive time and loving it ☺and maybe getting a new sewing machine as my 27yr Husqvarna has been playing up a bit....Any suggestion's out there? Janome dealer is in our town so maybe.
Thank you for dropping by and also a few tips on my poor Rosemary which has been trimmed back.
See you again soon before we fly off to sunny Qld

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  1. Wow, you've been a busy little bee! Good for you! I love all your creations. I ordered a fox kit from Alicia Paulson - that will be fun to work on. I'll have to dust off my sewing machine as I will have to make a tiny shirt and tiny jeans. Argh! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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