Monday, June 2, 2014

First few days in sunny qld

This looks like an add for Subway, but was just our lunch before our flight to Coolangatta Queensland, the sunny state of Oz. 
Of course I was excited and nervous about going on this aeroplane

These Virgin planes all have painted ladies on the front with different names this one was Suzzie Blue ☺

Our often usual seat over the wing lol 

Nice shot above the clouds ☺

And welcomed by rain to this sunny place lol 

Next morning beautiful day and this is the bbq area at our accommodation Beach House

The pool, can just see splashing of others having fun and a new building going up next door.

The building obviously and we are on the edge.....

Up on the 8th floor with still pretty good views and away from the building being built next door ☺

Looking back towards the bbq area 

Apparently this whole week and the coming weekend is Coolly Rocks with lots of hot rods and heaps of people coming to look and this car was pretty neat with the flames and a skull on the front but the owner opened the bonnet before I could take my picture lol 

Plenty interested in this one for sure, this was taken on our walk to buy food at the nearby Aldi store

Looking down at a helicopter which was doing flights on Sunday and back with our shopping

Took another walk to have a look at this neat car we saw earlier as we needed to head to another supermarket roughly 2klm's away 

Of course I really like this one lol 

And another neat car.....going to be more pictures I am sure even though we are not really into cars, but do appreciate the work that goes into these vehicles ☺☺

Back to the room and here is the lounge/kitchen

Guest room and I have my sister and bro in law coming and also friends on Saturday ☺☺

Our room, yep holidays you don't make the bed lol 

Our bathroom and there is another near the guest room

Balcony and view from lounge

Beautiful day and view 

Zoomed in over the Surfer Paradise another busy area

Lots of traffic coming to have a look at the cars 

Zoom shot of helicopter getting ready for flight, cannot even see that those blades were spinning fast....

Off it goes ☺
We then headed out in our little hire car to check a camping store and got a phone call from our friends to drop in and then go out for tea ☺ 
Well no pictures of our friends but of course the parrots and even a crazy Plover tucking into the seeds lol 

And Cockatoo's, so cute. Heaps of Kangaroo's but did not take any pictures silly me.
We had a great arvo and night and look forward to seeing them again.
Thanks for dropping in and hope you like another holiday with us.
take care out there xoxo


  1. Well now, I did enjoy your holiday, Wendy. Any time I get to see the ocean, I am happy :) My oldest daughter asked me to drive down to CA tomorrow and back to OR on Friday with her and her four little girls so I may get to see the sea as well. Thanks for posting, Wendy xx

  2. Wow, Wendy, you sure do get around! What a cool place! Hubby was wondering how all those old American cars got there! LOL! Love the birds. Thanks for taking us along with you. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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