Friday, June 6, 2014

Cooly Rocks on and sunny weather

Hello my lovely visitors! Got to love a great ocean picture ☺

Plenty of surfers enjoying the waves and great weather

We have been doing a LOT of walking and enjoying it.....

Managed to find one Bush Turkey hanging around

It thought it might be able to hock into some peoples food etc lol 

Here in Coolangatta, one side of the road is NSW the other QLD and very interesting when daylight savings happen as QLD do not have this.....gain or lose an hour by just crossing the road

One of the many interesting shops here with all sorts of paraphernalia from ancient to recent....

Even an fancy cow lol 

Packed full of all sorts of stuff 

Oh look my sis Lolly and hubby visited for the day (unable to stay) and the man trying  to hide

Nice pic of the 2 of them....hello Lolly (she reads this blog ☺)

A gorgeous sunset which they saw before they drove back home (1hr away)

This is Mt Warning and looks pretty impressive at sunset

Yesterday we took a train ride (90mins)

With plenty of country views

To the caravan and camping show in Brisbane 

Oh how cute we have matching shirts from Winjana (the place we bought our 5th wheeler)

And yes those cars keep arriving for the upcoming BIG weekend

Look there is now heaps of marquee's with all sorts of rock and roll stuff, car stuff, anything and everything ☺

Another great sunset shot last night

Today is Friday and this weekend is going to be HUGE and very very busy

Zoomed in from the balcony to this dress stall.....

Another shot showing the stalls and many cars arriving and such a beautiful day for it all

Had a good stroll  to check out what everyone is so keen to see.....

Cars.....lots of them 

View of background marquee's and the noise is amazing of cars arriving, music playing people dancing.....

His and Hers

Incredible vehicles who are very loved by their owners....

And the police are here to make sure everyone has a good safe time ☺♥

That car I got a picture of the other day parks here every day in from of the Cooly hotel 

Mini type cars ☺

Even one with a turtle head lol 

Just some of the accommodation here 

With a view like this......

More cars

Oh the year I was born.....neat ☺

Even the joker is painted on this 57 chevy 

Rat Fink is even here.....

Our view while having lunch today at the Greenmount surf club 

Selfie with great background view

Our lunch, him bacon and lambs fry, me salad and cajun grilled chicken strips....oh and a nice red wine

A large Harley Davidson display and go to love this truck ☺☺
I do hope you have enjoyed seeing all of this.
It has been unexpected for us but going with it and having fun....
Just us for the weekend and hope to catch up with a niece next week.
take care and see you again soon xoxoxoxox♥♥


  1. You're always doing something fun and interesting, Wendy. I love car shows like this, you saw some really interesting ones! Love the look of that beautiful turkey too, nothing like our turkeys here!

  2. Oh my goodness.. what a great location for such an event! When you get hot you can jump in the ocean! It looks like you had a faboo time!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. The reason QLD doesn't have daylight savings is that the farmers say it would confuse the cows ... more like confuse the farmers! Get up one hour earlier or later? To hard to remember apparently.


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