Monday, June 9, 2014

Cooly rocks continues.......

Hello again ☺ Today (saturday ) was the parade day and the crowds were gathering

More cars parked in many of the streets

Nice Mexican rugs on this one ☺

Road blocked off just so people can check out the cars and for the parade to come around

Lots of Holden's

Near the beach where there is usually just a few people walking lol 

More police, got to love a man in uniform ☺

One of the neat silver air stream vans 

Look at this crochet dress

Clown came zipping past, could not get a face shot....

The man enjoying strolling among the many market stalls
I bought my brother a RAT FINK t-shirt info on rat fink he had a t-shirt when he was a lot younger so I know he will be happy with this, plus his own initials are RF ♥
The parade started while we were trying to get back to our room and balcony and as you can see can only see people not the Harley's driving by......

One of the many trucks with rockers on board

Finally back up on our balcony, bands playing people dancing

Jigging along as the get cheered by the crowd

A group of Ukulele players


Just look at that crowd.....and it spread from one town a kilometre away to here and around this town

The parade ended and people started to head on down the streets and at the stalls 

Last car to show the end ☺

Oh and while on the balcony zoomed in on a plane landing ☺

Night time and that air stream caravan and the cars drove through both towns and around again from 6-8pm so there was HEAPS of noise, revving, tooting and shouting.....also last night is a lot quieter here thank goodness lol 

Quite a neat sight 

Goodbye Cooly Rocks on ☺☺

Having fun with my zoom, this boat was so far away that to our eyes all we could see was white line on the sea, but the zoom confirmed it was a boat not a whale.....

On the balcony looking towards Surfers Paradise

Half zoom and another beautiful day 

Full zoom and there are the many buildings in Surfers

Climbed to the top of the hill to where my photo started from our building, I was quite breathless lol 

Nice picture looking back the other way towards Green mount surf club

We headed out early yesterday to escape all that noise and crowds (Sunday) to go have a catchup with my sister, hubby, her girl and partner

Here is the little hire car we have been using for this fortnight

Their home where someone I love to see and pat lives........

There he is, MILO, love this little dog ☺☺♥
We headed out for a lovely meal at a Austrian cafe 

There's Lolly again and hubby ☺☺
Had a wonderful lunch and time all together lots of chatting ♥
Thank you for dropping by and for the lovely comments
Visit again and do hope you are having good weekend where you are

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  1. That is an amazing event you were at.. and how nice to mix in some nice family time and a cute dog. I'm glad you had fun! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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