Friday, June 13, 2014

Last days of Coolangatta ☺

Hello again, almost time for us to fly on back home from our sunny holiday

It has been a very long time since we ate a pie as have been eating a lot healthier and losing weight ☺ But this day we had a great pepper chunky steak pie from the Nimbin bakery. We visited here 6mths ago so went back for another look and eat lol

They have some great painted signs here

Just love the look of this whole street and the interesting people who live and visit here ☺

The pub is having a bit of renovations, but we were able to have a drink, I only had a diet coke....amazing eh for those who know me well lol 

Newsagent which is also a general store too

Lovely bright building for the aged care and young kiddies too visit

The day was very cloudy but still warm and headed on to visit Byron Bay

Beautiful ocean

Took ourselves on another walk up to what you can just see to the left....

The lighthouse 

Magnificent view as we walked up

Getting closer

Almost there....

At last, but that was not the end of our walking.....

And what a great spot to be at....

Noticed these kayak's 

Bit of a zoom as we could just see either seals, or dolphins around them....

We did not walk all the way down to the bottom but enjoyed the views and I kept hoping we might sight a whale as they are passing this area at the moment, but  no ........

Next day up and early again for another outing for more walking....visitor centre was closed

From one of the views we stopped at and was starting to get misty....

Zoomed in on Surfers from that look out

Pretty orange flowers, knowing my luck a weed lol or allergic to them

Off down a path which was very mossy

Love the trunk of this gnarly tree 

Wonderful view but the mist/clouds had really blown in...

Old Mossy rock and then at the start of the drive to the next lookout we saw.....

This tiny marsupial which I have never seen before so rather exciting and we are pretty sure it is Pademelon just like a mini mini kangaroo ☺☺

And another rare sight of the Lyrebird  they are great mimickers and normally run off before you get a picture

The viewing platform 

The clouds were starting to clear off 

Zoomed in on Coolangatta where we have been staying ☺

Well this certainly caught our eyes lol 

A waterfall

And one last view shot above the waterfall
Hope you have enjoyed this trip with us and next you will hear from me I will be back home
take care and love to you all


  1. Wow, more great adventure photos! Those ones of the coast and ocean were gorgeous.. well, they all are! Fun to see the tiny marsupial! And the Lyrebird! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. More interesting travels. You two know how to find the best places to visit. I can just imagine the folks at Bringabong, hahaha. :)

  3. To bad you didn't make it out to Natural Bridge, also a part of Springbrook National Park. It was always my favorite spot to go when living up there.

    1. Yes natural bridge is lovely and will go there again as we did it another time too ☺, replied via email but not sure if you got it lol


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