Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Back home

One of the few final shots near coolangatta, with a rainbow....the weather was starting to get a bit cooler.....

And as we left for the airport very overcast but nothing, compared to home where it is way cooler.....the minimum temp in Coolangatta is barely our high temp of 14 celcius (winter is here of course)

Our plane arriving

The luggage being covered up as the rain had begun...

At this airport you go out on the tarmac and climb the stairs to board. Once on board we were advised could be a bumpy was, and no drink until more than an hour into the flight
But we landed ok and now back home ☺

Today I am making a loaf of bread

I have it covered with cling wrap and.....

A towel and in a sunny spot on the floor in our kitchen but the sun is disappearing fast so goodness knows how long to rise....may have to resort to placing the dish in the sink in warm water

Finally caught up on all the washing and doubt it will dry today, but hey at least it is done and can just bring them in tomorrow if weather is kind lol 

The Rosemary is flowering and trying to hang in there, and as you said Teresa, I cut the other part of it right back.....

See, and now just hoping it comes on back, but at least the other half seems healthy ☺☺ 

Also got us a nice red Indian chicken dish brewing in the crock pot for tonight with some home made naan
I have had a bit of fun catching up with some knitting/crochet girls who I had never met, but just chatted via Ravelry and had a good time and look forward to more contact
How is it at your place, cold.....I know a few of you who read my blog are getting into summer now so enjoy that warmth and I will visit you to say hello ☺
Have a good week out there xo


  1. I'm glad you're safe and sound and enjoying domestic bliss back at home. How did your bread turn out? I do hope your rosemary comes back on the cut side.. sometimes whole parts of plants die out, just part of the circle of life. Enjoy your home! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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