Monday, June 23, 2014

A bit of family time and goodbye weeds

Hello again my lovelies....yes the loaf was a success and we enjoyed it very much over the next few days ☺

Now I showed you some pictures a little while back of my grandson's performance in a theatre group he belongs to and yesterday they had a mid year one with a few others singing and dancing

There he is sitting to the left with the fair hair 

He could not see us because of the bright lights in his face but we could see him and great zoom shot ☺

The other young boy who is also amazing remembering all the lines.....I know I would fail miserably

There were even Zombie girls dancing lol
Then because we were able to leave at interval Me, my girl and Batty thought we would do a surprise visit too....

My dear Brother who is holding his newest Grandgirl, lovely and I also was able to give him the RATFINK t-shirt I bought for him ☺☺

So sweet....

Some of the family, with my girl in the t-shirt 

The great spread of food Nansy (their mum no pic of her, next time.....) provided them and Batty too

The mum to the new girl and my nephew the new dad, and one of the other grandsons..

And this gorgeous little girl, so tiny and cute sitting with her Uncle 

This lovely mum (my brothers daughter in law) is expecting TWINS...and her lovely little man who has had a bad run with asthma and allergies, he is such a quiet happy little guy xo

Oh and this one is rather camera shy lol, she is my brothers girl my niece and very pretty too, just need to get her to look at the camera and smile ☺

And her hubby who is also a little camera shy, they are mum and dad to the 2 sitting at the table with their uncle 

And this is their oldest boy....he likes that I sometimes have t-shirts or jumpers with bats or skulls on them ☺☺ Oh and he loved Popsy ratfink t-shirt☺

And great Nanny to all those little people had a lovely time and liked our impromptu visit ☺☺

Back home again and I have been busy in the garden getting rids of HEAPS of weeds and laying out sugar cane mulch, oh my aching legs and back.....but feel good that I have done it all

The Thyme is growing very well and trying to talk Rosemary into hanging in there....

Even weeded this little rock garden that was a mass of weeds and will mulch it and wait till winter passes to plant anything

One of the many Lavenders growing next to the Winjana 

And has only taken us a few years, but have finally got a concrete slab poured so we can finally install the spa here (it was at my other house before I moved here) Notice I say we, but really has been the man, who organised the concrete guy and the man moved the spa to here.....So this will be great once it is complete but that is still a little way off but it is the plan.
How has your weekend been?
I must say I have enjoyed a bit of good family time and have now been ringing/emailing/texting others to catchup too.
Take care till next visit xoxoxo


  1. Wow, have fun with the new spa! It looks like you had a nice time with the family. Congratulations on the new baby girl!

  2. It looks like a fabulous family party, good for you all.. family is the best things of all. Is that a crocheted tablecloth? It's amazing! What cute kids you all have! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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