Monday, June 30, 2014

Some crochet and a new sewing machine ☺

Hi there......I have been busy making more soap bags (just like the old soap on a rope) as we both like using these and stops the soap getting everywhere in the shower and easy to keep a grip on

They also are rather well liked as gifts to family and friends, well, I think they like them as they have not said "don't make em" lol

Also a few more of those day of the dead skulls with the fun glow in the dark nylon yarn

I have started a small blanket in these stylecraft colours

I am enjoying making this so far and love the stitch which is basically 2 double crochet then 2 front post double crochet, simple but looks good and is really soft

Saturday I went to our farmer's market and picked up some fresh vegetables and.......

Yes a new sewing machine, and was half price as this model now not being made

Look at all those stitches.....and the buttonhole is a one step procedure amazing.
I am going to have some fun with this.....
It has turned pretty cold here so better whip myself up a few pairs of flannelet pj pants.
Thank you for dropping in again and may your days be sunny and happy where you are xoxo 


  1. Your soap bags are such a clever idea, Wendy! And I love the colors and pattern of your new blanket. The sewing machine is wonderful I am sure, but scary to me...I will enjoy watching you put it to good use :) xx

  2. The soap bags are a great idea. You could get more use from a bar of soap that way, I think, because you could put the little scrappy slivery bits in it when they get too hard to hold onto. I hate washing my whole body with a piece of soap the size of a penny. Your new sewing machine looks fantastic, enjoy it! I love the blanket, those colors are beautiful together.

  3. I also love your clever soap bags - did you use cotton yarn? The blanket is so pretty! It looks like you're going to have a great time with that new machine! I got a 65 year old Singer Featherweight! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. What a great post. Anything that includes some yarn and crochet. Love the skulls!


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